Monday, June 25

Marchesa my Precious!

Pink and ladylike.
I am soooo loving this trend!
I am totally gonna start collecting awesome PINK pieces again.
Thanks to the girls of Marchesa

Monday, June 18


Resort wear 2013 is out!
And Louis Vuitton has just made my heart skip a beat.
You know I love anything PINK and ladylike, right?
Now imagine my delight as I was browsing and I found the images of this collection.
Suit yourself and tell me if you agree with me.
Me, I'm smitten and will start all over with the pink craze.

Sunday, June 17

Diet Coke Young Designer Challenge

Yes the Internet reveals wonders to you sometimes.
And yes today was such a lucky day.
I've found this contest online sponsored by Coca Cola, 
whereby we the public can help choose the design of the official Diet Coke shirt which will be later available on Target in the US and online I presume.
The judges for this contest are THE fabulous mr. Zac Posen, L'wren Scott and Cynthia Rowley.
Of course this challenge has a prize: A trip to New York during Fall Fashion week in August 2012.
Sweet right? Not quite, only legal US citizens can participate,
Nevertheless I voted for a winner because,
 I like to be involved in the Product Development phase (yes my Marketing is creeping through).
And these are my three favorite designs:

 by Florencia Chaves

Kim en Vogue

Usually before it's in fashion it's en Vogue, 
but this time it's the other way around. 
As you might know by now Kim Kardashian has had years of frenzied paparazzi running after her,
while the world, including moi,have been watching.
I'll admit this is my guilty pleasure, but hey,
Who does personal branding better than the Kardashians?
No one! So consider this a way of learning the job :P
Well it's been a great leap for her and she has landed her first Vogue cover.
This girl went from Playboy to Vogue,
even if you don't know the magazine arsenal you might know that this is a HUGE progress.
More reason to see what's next.
Below are some of the pictures. Not my favorite Vogue article but it sure is noteworthy.

Saturday, June 16

Amazing tutorials

Today is Saturday!
Yeay! Not quite so fun: My Saturdays are reserved for doing laundry, clean my room and go to the market.
But contrary to me I hope you have some free time and are not too whacked from yesterdays whereabouts.
So I have compiled a few of my favorite beauty tutorials from YouTube.
The most amazing nail art ideas, hair tutorials, make-up...
I've got my favorites lined up right here so enjoy your day, my way ;)


Friday, June 15

Loque a mi me gusta!

Yes I like to speak Spanish,
Maybe just because I'm good at it but this post is not about my language skills.
I've been absent and I shall vow not to do so anymore 
So in order to prevent this I shall start sharing pictures with just a couple of words. 
Hope you don't mind!
And if you like that I kinda speak my mind all the time, don't worry I shall keep on (over) sharing with you!
But sticking to the topic (What I like), I'm currently intro crazy bold necklaces.
Belle Noel

Tuesday, May 22

Strong Alicia

This singer possesses such a powerful voice, plus she has the ability to strike you down just by gracefully caressing the piano, besides having meaningful and soul-touching lyrics.
Her fusion of sounds relate with a great crowd, girls and guys alike. 
For years she has been fierce. Musically and style-wise.
I bet you know and have belted out more than one of her songs. Example Empire State of Mind. 
No one. Unbreakable. Superwoman. Fallin'. If I aint got you.
Do I need to mention more? 
She has done a lot with her hair over the last couple of years, which I would not dare,
But I love her ensembles. She makes you feel strong.
But she also looks the part.
This is the girl telling you how life is never over.
This is the girl showing you, you can do this, and by her looks you will believe her too!
So girls, belt out her great songs and let's show the world how strong we are.
You don't have to copy Alicia, just take charge of your life and look good while doing so.
I know I will!

Monday, May 21

Garota de Ipanema

Being the daughter of the musician that I am, I've delved into the 60's and I've found this great hit.
The girl from Ipanema. 
Now maybe you don't know her, but she has become famous by this song written by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, originally titled Garota de Ipanema.  A fine example of the genre Bossa Nova in my opinion. However who's the girl that has sparked such commotion over the last 50 years?
Her name is Heloisa Eneida de Menezes Pase Pinto.
And she is THE Audrey Hepburn of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. 
Not only does she possess the beauty and charm to inspire a worldwide hit, 
She has had the smarts to use this famous nickname in order to start a chain of stores called,
yes exactly, Garota de Ipanema. Below are a couple of pictures of her in her youth. 

The thing I like most of these pictures is that she looks radiant and has a quite natural look (she's gone blonde through the years), which means my boyfriend is right about the less is more when it comes to make up, in this case that is! Besides these pictures remind me of the thing I like of being a brunette,
In a world full of blond bombshells, the dark-haired girl seems intriguing and interesting.
Thank you Garota de Ipanema.

This cover by Blueswing is available on SoundCloud.


I know you usually don't expect this kind of post from me, but this is another side of me which I would like you to know. I've recently been on vacation, which explains my absence. And this is what I wrote while taking my 8 and a half hour flight back to my humble home :P
Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think of my post;)
If you want to see more of my thoughts let me know!

Do we ever cease to chase after our dreams? 
Do our dreams change, fade or disappear with the passing of times?

Does this curvy path filled with obstacles and challenges lead to glory, or is it just another illusion of this mischievous life to twist our vision and lead us to our own disdain?

Do we know what it is we are meant to be or be doing?
Can we be guided to our own success, or shall we run eternally in search for that one glorious moment that might or might never appear to us?

We might not have the answers to all these questions, for we live in uncertainty and cannot predict our future.
But surely we must all agree on one single thought:

Might life be as simple and as obvious so that not one of us should be deceived,
for happiness is a collective dream we all desire and deserve at some point in our lifetime.

Monday, April 16

Jewels are a girls best friend

I can imagine no occasion on which I could actually get to wear this.
I cannot imagine how silly I'll look.
I've got no idea if this will actually correct those trouble areas of mine,
Or if it will accentuate or create trouble areas...
I don't even know it's price 
(yes, it's upon request, but wallet cannot carry out such requests)

Yes, Jessie J. lucky her, got to wear this D&G jeweled jumpsuit for Elle.

Sunday, April 15

Little black dress

So by now you must own a little black dress.
Every girl has their LBD right? Well to be honest, I don't...
I know it's a shame...I've got those ballgown/cocktail -ish black dresses, 
but no little simple black dress.
And no I was not looking for one, I just happen to find my perfect LBD.
It's simple but kinda over the top, like myself...
I don't like boring cuz my body aint perfect so let's divert the eye.

Thank you Mango! 
It's nicely done, and at least I would wear this everywhere!
With thighs, without...with a blazer...with a name it, I'll do it!

Wednesday, March 28

Seeing YELLOW!

I like Jessica Alba's latest ensemble.
I like the color-blocking she has going on...
And I now have reference to pair my own so-damn-bright-red-pants with something brighter!
But nothing got my attention more than that little yellow bag.
For I swear...I have NO yellow bag..
So I am entitled to go buy one.
And no this is not an haphazard decision, I've done my research!
No..seriously...I have been promoting yellow.
I have been crushing on yellow dresses previously this month...
But a yellow bag is much more easier and can be worn from Spring to Summer regardless of the temperature.
Thus a yellow bag results in a better investment.
And even fall collections have featured bright yellow, so more bang for your buck!


I still haven't decided so below all are the options I am considering.
I think this is by far the cheapest option.
This beauty is from H&M and costs 30 euros.
I think I could shove my whole life (e.g. books, articles, lunch, shoes, wallet, gloss, lotion) in there!
So that's a plus.

My second favorite option is from Aldo.
It costs 55 dollars, and it has those fab nautical stripes.
Its rather casual, so I'm not sure I could use it everyday.
Office appropriate? Don't think so.
Still it looks really nice. 
Another cute lady like purse is this one from
It's 50 euros, but so chic, however the color is more mustard than yellow,
So it's ranked in third place.
My last option is from the giant
It's in sale, so my heart is racing!
However it seem kinda small so this baby is ranked at fourth place, retailing for 33.62 euros.
I know I've carefully weighted my options here, 
But as soon as I hit the shops I might go totally overboard and forget all about my analysis.
Point in discussion here, I want AND shall get me my freaking YELLOW bag. Period!

And in case I actually win the lottery and become a trillionaire  I shall buy myself 
a nice Louis Vuitton in this dazzling Citron (aka Yellow) color.

Tuesday, March 27

Pull and Bear

I've been gone for long huh?
I'm sorry....I am too caught up in exams and all that I need to do for school...
But no I have not stopped obsessing about all the nice stuff money can buy!
I haven't gone shopping a great while..but I am not blind and unaware...
I've got tons of stuff I want...
Besides...I found this new shop....Pull and Bear...
Awesome stuff they got there...This is my current wishlist...
All from Pull and Bear!

This mint green lace dress is soooo adorable and cute! 
It's perfect for on a I shall totally want it...
Hopefully BF likes it and won't say I look like a granny :P

I like this sweater! It has such a funky twist with those embellished shoulders!
Besides I've got no black sweaters...
So basics are a must have!

And of course, we need an orange-ish coral tangerine..whatever the color is called blazer.
And yes, they have it!
Still debating internally if I want a poppy pink one...

And for those totally obsessed with bags like myself...I spotted this beauty.
She is totally waiting on me..
And I am totally dreaming of her...

For those that can't make it to the shops like me...please suit yourself online: Pull and Bear!

Sunday, March 11


Today was a really nice day!
It was 'warm' :P t least for winter weather....and best of ALL..
It was quite sunny!
The sun make me makes me sing, smile and skip and hop...
I am 100% sure I was not made for the cold weathers..
I know I've said I want a bright pink blazer..but let's rephrase.
I.WANT.AN.ORANGE.BLAZER. Like now! To wear in this sunny weather.
To remind me of the sun when its all cold and rainy.
Besides orange perfectly complements those with an olive undertone and those of us that are brunettes.
So don't be shy.
Grab a nice tone of orange to make your day POP!

Olivia Palermo
Whitney Port

Sunday, March 4

Truth or Dare

So I've been nosing around and taking a look at the beauty aesthetic of some designers.
I've noticed some crazy eye make up and I've seen new and interesting stuff.
My favorite make up look is the peacock.
The peacock includes, emerald green, purple, gold and black.
It is DRAMATIC for sure!
I would totally do this for a night out with the girls, 'cause I'm not so sure BF would appreciate this :P
I really like how this combination brings out the best for dark eyed people, like myself.
So I surely will try this one,
and hopefully our friend Yuhklop will do a tutorial.
Cross your fingerssssss...!!!!

So far that I can remember, me and my friends always use black eyeliner.
We used to come to school and do our make up, which always meant black eye liner.
So this new take on the basic black eyeliner sure appeals to me.
I am not so sure I can pull it off, but I like the Cleopatra look these double black lines give you.

The following look is rather tricky. It is mint green eyeshadow on a plain face.
I will try this using a warmer shade or more blueish shade.
So this one is the most daring one for me, decide for yourself if you shall try it or not :P

I've been doing this lip stain thing since last year so I so love the rosy stained lips.
This is a total DO!
Just look for the right shade for your skin.
Fair skins, look for a rosy color like the one below, 
For those with an olive complexion  look for a more peachy pink.
And dark girls look for a deeper, near purple but still pink, pink.

And finally this is my favorite look.
This is what I call, my school look. Or my no-time look.
A bare, fresh face. Barely there make up!
Just grab a moisturizer and a lip balm. 
Try using a luminous moisturizer like L'oreal Youth Code.
After these two steps, add a little brow gel in your natural brow color and we are good to go!

So what do you think of these make up looks?
Are you digging them like I am?

I want scarves?

Seriously, I am not a scarves-person.
I think they choke me. They remind me of the cold, which I hate!
Scarves even make me look fat! 
I can't stand them...or the fact that I need to use them.
That is till today.
My cousin and I are both obsessed with this leotard printed scarf I bought last year, which for the record still smells like her, so now it's like she's so close I can smell her...:P
And since I know she sooo loves that scarf, I was online looking at scarves...
But really even I am now in love with these River Island prints!
Scroll real fast.
The one below can be worn with your winter favorites.
Black and gray and all the blue stuff people seem to own for winter.
But the pinks hints that you are eagerly waiting for Spring!

The following three scarves fit the mint/pastel trend I've described before. 
If you are not a fan of following trends, this is a simple and less pricey way to show you can be playful.
I personally like the second one, it has the more mint green fabric, 
plus the print has something oriental to it,
which would perfectly complement my split-eyes and fits perfectly with my favorite lip shade: red. 

As I predict, yellow is gonna be all that this summer, or at least I am so loving it!
So why not add a yellow scarf? 
I soooooo like this one. This is my second favourite choice after the green/oriental scarf.
This scarf is a pick-me-upper.
I your feeling blah, wear it. If your outfit feels blah, WEAR IT!
And if you are not sure which one to buy, take this one. It can be worn for years to come.

All these scarves, including other prints can be found at River Island.
I am total puzzled but delighted..
For now, I shall enjoy that one scarf me and my cousin ADORE...
Which 1. sooo reminds me of her and, 
2. reminds me that I'll say you soon!

Thursday, March 1

5 key pieces for Spring

I know promised this post via twitter 2 days ago, but I got caught up with schoolwork.
I am starting to feel that I'm working for Miranda (The Devil wears Prada), only I never get to see her...
So I have no idea what she wears in my situation...:P
Anyway let us strategize how to spend our hard-earned money!

Like most of us working our way to the corporate world,
our budgets are not as dainty as we would like it to be.
So it makes no sense to even suggest you to go buy a total new wardrobe,
and I know the probability that you will mix and match is substantial.
Believe me I myself like to find key pieces that vamps up my closet so I don't end up spending too much :P
Well let's start the counting. These are the items you will need to update your closet!

A bright yellow dress

The color of this dress will revive you dusty, dark and beige winter closet in no time.

This dress, depending on the style you buy, can be worn on different occasions.
You can style it for a night out, for a casual Saturday or even a date.
I've spotted this amazingly cute yellow dress on the runway last September.
Designer Oscar de la Renta made this wonderful item.
Of course if we cannot afford such astonishing prices, 
we shall look meticulously for a look-a-like that is within our budgets. 
Be smart ladies!
In case you don't like yellow, don't fret. Orange is also huge!
And mr. de la Renta has a fab orange dress of the same collection.
Use it as a general indication..:P

Flowery bottoms
I can bet on my precious hair that you have heard about this trend.
Wherever I look there is someone with a flowery bottom even at campus.
I have seen tons of pictures everywhere of those flower-printed pants!
I am not sure these will be in my best interest, for I am short and curvy,
But I found an alternative way to wear a flowery bottom.
Because yes, I too like to make my day by dressing vibrantly.
At D&G they came up with the flowery a line skirt!
Now that I can wear with confidence!
This look is from the 2012 Fall collection but you can draw inspiration from it starting this Spring.
If you wanna rock the pant either ways,
here is a cheap way to jump onto this trend without much regret.
H&M, 14.95 in euros.

Something peplum
For those of us, who have never ever heard of peplum before (I know I haven't) it is quite a pleasant surprise. The so low priced fashion giant Primark had peplum shirts since last year.
And luckily moi has one already, conveniently in blue which fits the ocean trend of this year!
So my tip is go with your guts, you see something you like it, buy it.
Don't care if no one else is wearing it, yet!
But back to the main story, I spotted a couple of awesome options online.
The lucky ones in the USA can rush to Target and grab this peplum shirt by Jason Wu.
I envy you, because it is not available online..and ticket prices are not cheap.
You see even Jason Wu is digging the yellow thing!

Pastel mints
Okay, you are not the over-the-top here I come girl? 
Well in that case, fashion has not forgotten you,
These spring pastels are everywhere, especially in mint green!
This is the fabulous Chanel's take on the pastel mint trend
And here we have it at Louis Vuitton.
This whole collection is to die for!
I would kill for any one of those pieces! 
This shirt is 19.95 at Only.
No real commitment, just a small price.

Statement collar

Last but not least we got an update on you regular button-downs.
Many designers have added what are called statement collars to make these shirts more interesting.
The one below is from Louis Vuitton Spring 2012. AGAIN. 
You see how fab they are, they have a two-trend-in-one going here!

And in case you want to cheap out more, just button up your shirt and add a statement necklace.
Like in the show of Carven for Spring 2012.

So tell me, which one of these trends are you looking forward to try?

Monday, February 27

Thou shall look Royal

Ever heard of 'The Other Boleyn Girl'
I have a weakness for Philippa Gregory and 
the books she wrote on the Tudor dynasty. 
Well to tell you, each and every single time I am reading one of these novels,
I have the tendency to think, what would the Tudor women wear nowadays?
They are all fierce (at least in the books) as they are a coquette.
So their clothing would reflect their same attitude.
Well the moment I saw the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 collection,
I knew I had my answer.
They would have worn Burberry Prorsum!
Take a look at my royal predictions and see if you agree.


Don't you wish you had a royal title or at least these items in your closet? :P