Monday, February 27

Thou shall look Royal

Ever heard of 'The Other Boleyn Girl'
I have a weakness for Philippa Gregory and 
the books she wrote on the Tudor dynasty. 
Well to tell you, each and every single time I am reading one of these novels,
I have the tendency to think, what would the Tudor women wear nowadays?
They are all fierce (at least in the books) as they are a coquette.
So their clothing would reflect their same attitude.
Well the moment I saw the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 collection,
I knew I had my answer.
They would have worn Burberry Prorsum!
Take a look at my royal predictions and see if you agree.


Don't you wish you had a royal title or at least these items in your closet? :P

Blow me away...

Maybe it's because she is Spanish.
Maybe its  that allure, that mystery surrounding her. 
But I like this picture.
Sadly could not catch the Oscars since the different time zones make it impossible,
but still I really like this Marchesa dress on Penelope Cruz.

Personally I am no fan of blue gowns.
But this sure makes me dream of princess attire.
So whenever you get a chance in real life to shine like this,
Let the dress do you justice, like Penelope here!

Sunday, February 26

Polished up

A couple of weeks ago, my BFF asked me all panicked...
What nail polish should I buy????

Now it's prudent for you to know a couple of things. 
First of all we are entirely different on various aspects.
I am obsessed with nail polish since I'm 11 and it was forbidden by my dad.
She on the contrary is not that into beauty and fashion. She cares about less superficial stuff :P

But now you could say...Well she could just Google or grab the first polish in the drugstore!
Not quite, she is dark-skinned and yes, I admit.
It is difficult to find a polish that is VISIBLE and looks cute.
Lighter colored people have no such dramas for most nail polish are made for them!

So imagine us trying to find the right nail polish for her over BBM...
So did not happen! So for you my dearest..this post!

Choose something with sparkles
So I am openly over top in love with anything sparkly.
But this does not need to be over the top. Dark skinned girls should do sparkles. 
Especially if the color of the nail polish is already dark.
The nail polish lords, AKA O.P.I. have this whole collection which is perfect for darker skin colors.
These nail polishes have a lot of pigment and will make your nails look like cute little jewels.

Sally Hansen has a new line called Gem Crush, which suits not only fair skins. 
The one below is called Be-Jeweled.
<p>Gem Crush Nail Color</p>
Do some bloody red
I know what you're thinking. Red is for white people. 
I DO not agree. Well not with this shade. 
This could be the more universal red color I could have encountered.
This is Revlon's Cherry Crush. It glides on looking slightly like a blood color.
It sounds disgusting, but that's the most realistic description I can think of. Give it try.
And tell me if I'm wrong. 

Go green
Personally I think this color, depending on the shade is quite difficult to work. 
If you are fair it might be overpowering.
So what better than to rock it if your dark-skinned
This color, of MAC, is called Beyond Jealous.
And believe me, that's what people will be when the see how FAB your nails look girl!

My last tip for dark skinned girls: Add a topcoat to you fully dried polish. 
This makes the polish chip resistant and last longer.
It also gives your manicure a shiny finish that makes your hand look healthy and taken care of!
Sally Hansen makes a good one!

Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat  - packaged
So dear BFF, you are now in the know of what colors you should buy!;)

Friday, February 24

Short on Time

I am literally short on time!
Crazily for once I have made a study schedule...:P
The first real since....EVER!
And yes I am already falling behind.
These precious minutes I am spending typing you guys should be spent reading articles.
Now, I am modern and I am THE WOMAN so I multitask right?
(I'm freaking out that is)

But still, imagine your schedule is as tight as mine,
But you have to be out and about.
And yes the library, train station, bus or whatever form of public transportation DOES count!
And yes we all wanna look fab right?
And, there's a wanna save money!

I've got the perfect solution for you.
Reversible jeans from Bluelab.
Now before you go say...eeeewww that's gross..blah blah..blah..
Look at how cute they are...
I swear if I had time, I'd score a pair!
And I must say the colors are awesome...
So bye bye boring blues....Hellooooo pretty jeans!

Mint green reversibles

Acid-wash reversibles
Purple leather-ish reversibles

Leopard print reversibles

Bright colored reversibles

Friday, February 17


I don't need to say much.
Elle France, February issue.
Tara Lynn.

Everyone that knows me for more than 1 month, knows that I'm eternally on a diet. Since my 16s, I've been saying it over and over again.
No I don't want this, I wanna lose 20 pounds..blah, blah, blah..
I bet you've had those days. The so-called fat days. I've bet you've wished you were taller, skinnier, had blonde hair, or green eyes or had sleek hair or just 'normal' or just 'beautiful'.
But what is 'normal'? What is 'beautiful'?

I've had this discussion with a friend holding on magazine in one  hand and a diet Coke in the other.
In which me myself was debating whether or not the model employed by Dove was 'beautiful' or not.
Now,  not to brag but we even get to discuss this based on recent academic research that analyzes the latest strategy of Dove. We are still marketers. We still need to know what works.

However who gets the right to define what is considered 'beautiful'? Who gets to say what is normal?
Do designers get to tell me I'm beautiful or not? Do my parents get that right?  Or does my boyfriend get to do that? And if they get to that, what do we define as beautiful?

Go ahead. Google.
A whopping total of 188.000.000 hits for the definition of beautiful. Take the first hit. says: "Having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech."
For we fool ourselves to believe there are only a given number of qualities that give great satisfaction to see, hear etc. Why are we obsessed with binding beauty or the term beautiful to a given standard the majority of us women do not meet? Why do we allow others to judge us upon something that is as elusive and vague, as alchemy?

In my opinion women should just scrap the thought of not being beautiful and start defining their beauty based on a Likert scale. Ow, you don't know what that is? No worries, I will show you.
But first, you need to do me a favor. Close your eyes. Think about one time you looked in the mirror.
Now think, I (might) delight the senses or the mind.
Now open your eyes and indicate to which degree you consider yourself beautiful;

Beautiful                                                             Beautiful
1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9

Oh, you have academic knowledge, and you want to state that my scale is totally wrong because I don't measure anything in particular and there is no actual scale?
I shall totally agree with you. However I find that each and every single one of us should allow ourselves to acknowledge our own beauty. Who said we all had to look like models, actress or singers?

Cozy Tilburg

I have to admit.
I love Rotterdam, but Tilburg isn't that bad.
It's actually quite nice.
Cobblestone streets.
Classical buildings dating before World War II.
And the coziness of the small towns.
At least, that's the vibe in the city.
Let us not speak of the busses..

So you could not imagine how much I saw that I want.
I personally thought it would be safe to go to the city in Tilburg.
Nope. There is NO such thing for me..

I saw the same Invito bag of previous post.
But now I want some jackets too! Like the one below.
This would be perfect for Spring!
Would cover my body so nicely, and the color totally compliments my skin color!
And my hair color and it's pink!
This beauty is from Only. I already have a pink blazer from there but hey!
I don't own a leather jacket yet :P
Besides they had cute damn colorful it should be illegal not to want them.
I mean how can you have a bad day in this cardigan???

And of course I saw those nice frilly shirts that always always return with the warmth.
In one shape, color or the other.

But of course Rotterdam has its good things...
Like Primark...
So of course we have to represent..
Take this sweater for example..
Aint it covetable?

Wednesday, February 15

Wishlist, part 1

The snow is gone.
The rain is back.
How on earth did it change so radical?
Thank you, global warming, the rain has come to ruin my hair!
So sad...

Now, now don't go pouting. You know what cheers us up!
Or me at least, I can become all happy and smiley by thinking;
THIS is what my closet needs!

I am no cold weather girl, so I am looking forward for Spring/Summer.
The color me crazy seasons with sun and warmth...
And beaches and sand and...
Dream along!

Paisley is back and yellow is soooo IT!
So what better than to put them together and tada....Happy all over again.
This dress is from Thakoon.
And I could have sworn this item is called The Vanessa.
It seems to perfectly capture my personality.
Always happy yellow paisley and a bit of red for the explosions of madness,
And short for no patience I-don't-deal-with-pants girls...

Now you might say, you don't like prints right?
Or this is sooo not my personality :P
But you still want bold?
I'd say go for a pink blazer. Bonus you can wear it casually or to the office!
A two-in-one piece.
The one below can be obtained at H&M.
So you won't blow your budget, now will you...:P
I strongly advice against staying more than 10 minutes in there..if you want to keep money in your pockets.

And sure one could always use a new bag right?
And I so don't have a caramel-brown bag!
I do own coral,
But I don't want to use coral for 6 months!
You see, I'm entitled to a new bag! :P
And I swear, there is no better place for awesome bags than Invito!
Except.....well maybe there are, but at the moment this bag is sooo screaming my name!
So what do think?
Do you dig my short wishlist?
I hope you would...
That's what keeps us alive, right?

Monday, February 13

Happy Mondays!

It's official: I am completely obsessed with anything Rachel Zoe.
I wish I was that stick thin in order to rock the long maxi dresses, but my curves will halt the flow for sure LOL!

But yes, I have had requests with questions what to wear to work.
It seems to get very boring out there in the typical skirt or pant-suit combo.
Personally I SWEAR by color!
Add color no matter what season we are in, or wherever you are living!
Buy pants in seasonless one pant fits all seasons.
If you're saying 'This girls is speaking Chinese' just take a peak
Do you remember those blouses I was whining about in December?
The flowy ones, which Kourtney Kardashian rocked so awesomely in dress form?
Well yes, go to your closet. Grab one layer it on top of a regular tank top and voila!
Usted se ve preciosa! You look FAB!
I hope you bought it in all kind of gem stone colors,
Because these will surely revive your blah pant suit.

Are you not the color type?
And you are personally funkier?
Add a funky hat. They were everywhere last fall, so maybe you even have one,
somewhere in the closet.
My tip: Pull a Rachel!
Add a hat to your routine of boring Mondays!
But beware of hat hair :P

And sure this last snapshot is my favourite! I live for pink and combine it with purple and I'm in heaven!
So maybe this combination is to extreme for some of us,
So instead of the whole pantsuit in purple,
Add just a blazer in purple to your black or beige or gray pants.
I sure would add the pink shirt also,
But I'm more of the 'Oh there she comes' kinda girl!
You don't?
Well add a most demure shade of pink.
Or go for a wine red shirt,
Totally compliments the purple/plum blazer.

Don't be afraid to be feminine at the office.
Express yourself.
Fabulous clothes lends for great confidence,
But remember remain professional.
No one will take you seriously if you are not put together.

Sunday, February 12

Cover(me up)Girl

It's snowing so hard outside! The only thing I can see outside is white falling down the sky. White streets, white grass and even the water has frozen chunky pieces cooperating with the snow...quite nice if you are interested in freezing weather. So New York fashion week is just on time in order to teach us the new and funky ways to cover up. Such as these shots of Whit Fall 2012:

Or we could cover up like Rag & Bone Fall 2012. I adore the red accents of this collection!

Tres beautiful right?
I am in love.
I am cold...

Have a nice week chicas!

Saturday, February 11

Viene San Valentino!

YES, its true Valentine's Day is like so here...No I won't be celebrating cuz I'll probably be at the university doing some damn annoying ASS. (otherwise known as assignments) as sister Killer Shoes calls them, but we won't complain.

So let's use our imagination, let's say you are going on a date (lucky you!) and yes you have to put on something right??? No I'm not discussing you're choice of lingerie since Victoria's Secret does that perfectly fine already, but back to our little fantasy. You. Date. Clothes. Hopefully you are going on some dinner with candles and roses and...ow crap I'm on the roll! No! No! Back to the fantasy CLOTHES...what are you gonna wear?

You probably don't want to do either white or red, because it's too obvious/cheesy but you still want to seem approachable so black is off the list...pounder...pounder...SOLUTIONS below...please scroll!
Option 1. Cute pastel-colored dress
Both these dresses are from the fabulous Asos, which by now you must have realized I die for! But if you are not the dress kind of girl, I've got something else for you!

Option 2. Do something poppy
So you are not a fan of dresses nor pastel pinks and lilacs? No problem, wear something metallic. But just one item! I don't want you to go around telling people I told you to bring on the bling. The top can be found at River Island and the pant at the always reliable H&M.


Option 3. Leopard
Should I really tell you why leopard lends you some sensual aura? Like is this really questionable? But don't overdo it. Head to toe leopard is suicide unless you're wearing it as a dress. This sweater is available at Forever 21, and is suitable even if you're way passed 21!

And for those of you who happen to live in the damn cold, a poppy scarf sure helps you catch the eye of your date. The first one is from Mango and the second one is available at Net-a-porter.

Last but not least, it seems some guys hate the stickiness of gloss and red lipstick seems to smudge the only safe option is a soft gleaming lip balm, which is soothing and nourishing for both set of lips :P.

I hope you have a very nice Valentine's Day ;)