Monday, December 26

Rachel Zoe-Ho-Ho!

I know it sounds crazy but imagine if Rachel Zoe was Santa Claus..or Rachel Claus whatever...just imagine what kind of presents we would all get right? Exercising sure makes my brain work...the odd way...I know but Rachel if you were Santa I would want to look like this!

Fab right, now let's penny pinch in order to buy these when they're out :P Success to us1

Thursday, December 22

I'm in LOVE!

You won't believe it...I swear I see everything plum I mean. I just cannot wait till I get my hands on my baby....However sold out you may day you shall belong to me...I'm possessive and I mean it. I mean, a bag is a basic human right, right? And besides Juicy Couture was made for girls like me, that love color, that want the look of OMG I LOVE your bag, or just girls that swing that tiny bitsy TO DIE for bag.....(swwwooooonnnn)....sadly sold out...sadly....sadly...

Call me crazy, call me dramatic. I don't care for our love is eternal....or at least it will last a while :P No tell me; Aint it just perfect for the Holidays? Or forever? :P

Wednesday, December 21

Killer shoes

You know those shoes you all must own, that are so nice...They make your legs look longer and leaner. You look tall erect and yes the make you seem 150% sexier than in your wildest dreams? BUT....

The only problem with your ow so nice shoes is that they KILL your feet even if they are your size, expensive as hell and treated to sooth the pain? Oh yes, I bet we all have them hidden in our closet waiting for the opportunity to kill our feet, right? I know I have them....and that's why my sister and I call them the Killer Shoes.

Killer Shoes give a killer view while they slowly stop the blood flow to your toes or leave you with blisters. But you never give up, maybe it stretches right? Maybe if you wear them for only 1 hour they won't kill right? Maybe if you don't walk or dance or breathe might work, right? No it does NOT :(  believe me...they will kill, they are serial killers. But I must still say...each and every time I spot a Killer Shoe I want them, I forget all the stated above...poor foolish me...

I mean take a look at these beauties....don't they look exotic and Amazonian and sexy and all that I want to think they will make me? :P

I mean I have not tried these...but I seriously doubt that after 4 hours I will still be in heaven, but you never know Aldo might surprise you and me...we never head quick...they also have SALE...I know it's the Holidays rush, but now tell me. Don't you just love these babies? Aren't they sexy??? I.Just.Want.Them. Presents are soooo welcome over here!

Tuesday, December 20

Asos has SALE!

Yes, YEs! The awesome place called Asos has you can totally hit the jackpot for cute outfits or separates at the awesome Asos. I sooooo want to order just a couple of things but I'm thinking of hitting the shops tomorrow so....nope we must resist urge to over-purchase :P

But let's look at it from the bright side. The cute stuff teaches us one thing, even if they remain online and not in our closets, how to look totally FAB even when it's cold....So go ahead...either shop or learn a bit...Totally ironic was the fact that today I had to analyze the growth and sales of online shopping the last couple of years...NOT good :P

Monday, December 19

Bringing SEXY-backssss....

I know I've got a thing for post titles and songs :P but when you see these AH-mazing pictures you will understand totally what this is about! This post does not need much introduction or words to make it contemplate these sexy backs thanks to Chanel.

And yes simple is the key for Spring, so this is the general idea, see below.

So lavisch the body in moisterizing shower washes such as Dove and overuse body lotion, 'cause we are gonna bring sexy backs to life!

Saturday, December 17

Blouse your way through December

Call me crazy or whatever....but I am sooooooooooo in love with this trend.

I am soooo hoping it's not a trend :P Why? Well yesterday I was doing laundry and when I went throught the closet I realized something, I've got like 5 of these type of blouses in assorted colors and I seem to keep on gravitating towards them....I even have one blouse like that at home in Curacao...which...well truthfully and sadly does not belong to me anymore...:( well I'll have to replace it right? :P

And yes, I do own a dress-like blouse like Kourtney Kardashian is wearing here...(which is soooo cute) besides I've got nothing in black so maybe...NO! I'm not getting another one...I must resist...

For you that cannot resist or do not own one yet...I totally approve the purchase of one of these blouses...'cause my theory is;

- It's winter
- You can pair it with ANYthing
- They suit many body types...(just belt it for better definition of the waist!)

So go ahead, get yourself one, but please do not go overboard...'cause otherwise we'll end up in Shopaholic anonymous.

I love this version from Asos, which can be worn to the office; 

Cute huh? Wish I could have it...

Tuesday, December 13

Viva Mexico!

I am not Mexican, I'm not even a latina but all those things make me think of my home, which isn't that crappy student's 'apartment' (LOL) I rent no no no no....

My home is my dushi Curacao, I know you've googled it by now and you must be thinking, it' soooooo far from Mexico!!!! And I must admit, you are totally right, for Curacao is closer to Venezuela. However, as a child I use to sneak around to watch Mexican Telenovelas, man I'm an addict, let's not go there...otherwise I'll never get to the subject :P

It's still winter however it's a quite bright and sunny day room is semi filled with light....which makes me think of spring, when finally I get to chuck my thick coat...(not really) but one can dream right! And boy oh boy will it be fun; some designers feel the Frida Kahlo look. So Mexican but stylish and trendy Mexicana!

            Moschino Spring 2012 Ready-to-WearMoschino Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
            Moschino Spring 2012 Ready-to-WearMoschino Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Moschino Spring 2012

Monday, December 12

DIY fur boots

I know I should not follow all trends and its December...mother of all months to derange your budget like crazy :P AND my are welcome LOL...back to the the point!

As I've said before I'm a really girly girly girl. Ribbons, pink, fluffy puffy yup! That's me....And I've been dying for new shoes...(I'm not a shoe addict!) I want a cute little boot with those furry...uh..fur on it like this one from Rocket Dog;
Aint it cute????? Well let's all stop drooling 'cause I found the perfect solution. I bet you have a classic ankle boot left over from last year or the year before right? I know I do! So what do we do to make it new? I'll tell you, we go to Cafe Moda and make yourself happy in the accesoires section. These babies can make any outdated boots look like this season in a blink, and besides its soooo inexpensive! Might as well buy all colors, if only they were available!

So check them out! And tell me if you would do it or not, I'll sure give it a try....:)