Monday, May 21

Garota de Ipanema

Being the daughter of the musician that I am, I've delved into the 60's and I've found this great hit.
The girl from Ipanema. 
Now maybe you don't know her, but she has become famous by this song written by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, originally titled Garota de Ipanema.  A fine example of the genre Bossa Nova in my opinion. However who's the girl that has sparked such commotion over the last 50 years?
Her name is Heloisa Eneida de Menezes Pase Pinto.
And she is THE Audrey Hepburn of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. 
Not only does she possess the beauty and charm to inspire a worldwide hit, 
She has had the smarts to use this famous nickname in order to start a chain of stores called,
yes exactly, Garota de Ipanema. Below are a couple of pictures of her in her youth. 

The thing I like most of these pictures is that she looks radiant and has a quite natural look (she's gone blonde through the years), which means my boyfriend is right about the less is more when it comes to make up, in this case that is! Besides these pictures remind me of the thing I like of being a brunette,
In a world full of blond bombshells, the dark-haired girl seems intriguing and interesting.
Thank you Garota de Ipanema.

This cover by Blueswing is available on SoundCloud.


  1. Never in time we spent so much time on style and never in time we had so little...Go Go Garota!

    1. Oh my, you've seen my work! Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it ;)