Wednesday, March 28

Seeing YELLOW!

I like Jessica Alba's latest ensemble.
I like the color-blocking she has going on...
And I now have reference to pair my own so-damn-bright-red-pants with something brighter!
But nothing got my attention more than that little yellow bag.
For I swear...I have NO yellow bag..
So I am entitled to go buy one.
And no this is not an haphazard decision, I've done my research!
No..seriously...I have been promoting yellow.
I have been crushing on yellow dresses previously this month...
But a yellow bag is much more easier and can be worn from Spring to Summer regardless of the temperature.
Thus a yellow bag results in a better investment.
And even fall collections have featured bright yellow, so more bang for your buck!


I still haven't decided so below all are the options I am considering.
I think this is by far the cheapest option.
This beauty is from H&M and costs 30 euros.
I think I could shove my whole life (e.g. books, articles, lunch, shoes, wallet, gloss, lotion) in there!
So that's a plus.

My second favorite option is from Aldo.
It costs 55 dollars, and it has those fab nautical stripes.
Its rather casual, so I'm not sure I could use it everyday.
Office appropriate? Don't think so.
Still it looks really nice. 
Another cute lady like purse is this one from
It's 50 euros, but so chic, however the color is more mustard than yellow,
So it's ranked in third place.
My last option is from the giant
It's in sale, so my heart is racing!
However it seem kinda small so this baby is ranked at fourth place, retailing for 33.62 euros.
I know I've carefully weighted my options here, 
But as soon as I hit the shops I might go totally overboard and forget all about my analysis.
Point in discussion here, I want AND shall get me my freaking YELLOW bag. Period!

And in case I actually win the lottery and become a trillionaire  I shall buy myself 
a nice Louis Vuitton in this dazzling Citron (aka Yellow) color.

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