Sunday, March 4

I want scarves?

Seriously, I am not a scarves-person.
I think they choke me. They remind me of the cold, which I hate!
Scarves even make me look fat! 
I can't stand them...or the fact that I need to use them.
That is till today.
My cousin and I are both obsessed with this leotard printed scarf I bought last year, which for the record still smells like her, so now it's like she's so close I can smell her...:P
And since I know she sooo loves that scarf, I was online looking at scarves...
But really even I am now in love with these River Island prints!
Scroll real fast.
The one below can be worn with your winter favorites.
Black and gray and all the blue stuff people seem to own for winter.
But the pinks hints that you are eagerly waiting for Spring!

The following three scarves fit the mint/pastel trend I've described before. 
If you are not a fan of following trends, this is a simple and less pricey way to show you can be playful.
I personally like the second one, it has the more mint green fabric, 
plus the print has something oriental to it,
which would perfectly complement my split-eyes and fits perfectly with my favorite lip shade: red. 

As I predict, yellow is gonna be all that this summer, or at least I am so loving it!
So why not add a yellow scarf? 
I soooooo like this one. This is my second favourite choice after the green/oriental scarf.
This scarf is a pick-me-upper.
I your feeling blah, wear it. If your outfit feels blah, WEAR IT!
And if you are not sure which one to buy, take this one. It can be worn for years to come.

All these scarves, including other prints can be found at River Island.
I am total puzzled but delighted..
For now, I shall enjoy that one scarf me and my cousin ADORE...
Which 1. sooo reminds me of her and, 
2. reminds me that I'll say you soon!

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