Wednesday, August 24

The Red shoes by me

Once upon a time there was a young girl cruising through Schiphol Inernational Airport, after haven waved her cousin away. There she happened to catch a glimpse of a lady in black wearing some wonderful red shoes. For the young girl wasn't carrying a camera with her, the story goes on like this....

As a little girl I was not fixated on clothes and shoes, rather on books. One of my favorites was 'The Red Shoes' by Hans Christian Andersen. I have read the whole collection of fairy tales and stories. To this day this is one of them that has stuck with me, and I must confess; I think this is why I love red shoes. So after reaching home I decided to find me some identical pairs of such shoes and man this wasn't hard at all (snowballing effect, mind you...) Contemplate below what I had missed to catch on picture at the airport!

Balenciaga, I must say, you bring back my childhood. I can totally imagine why this would be the damnation of many of us (or our pockets) and surely dancing could be hurtful in these babies, more reason to compare with the original red shoes of Andersen. And I must admit, I just couldn't stop staring. Had to get into the elevator...what did I do? Well hold the door and stare....not polite I know but still had like HAD to do imagine they make you take off these babies at the gate, LOL :P

So babes, as the saying goes in Spanish; Para ser bellas hay que ver estrellas! And like I say, planetas, cometas y hasta el universo entero!

Google your way to knowledge. Hasta la vista, babes!

Wednesday, August 17

What friends say

You may have noticed some sort of abandoning of the blog....well NOT happening. I just had to catch a flight and become the humble girl in the big city again. Back at home or the place I'm supposed to be living in I have reconnected with the hectic life typical of a big city...rush rush time no time...and rush some more...

While waiting my turn and rushing I had the most stupid thing happen to me. It might even be e revelation. My cousin Sophia casually but uber enthusiastically happens to mention she got Minnetonka's for like the price of a dime. me reply, 'What are Minnetonka's????' OMG!!! NO! I, the one with the blog did not know what MINNETONKA's are. I bet even you know so if you're in Utrecht move that ass to the city...don't know where, don't know how....just make it happen and grab yourself a pair. I recently got Ugg's and am in nooooo position whatsoever of shopping so go ahead and drool with me;

Now don't go crying if you're in the USA or anywhere but Utrecht. 'Cause I have wonderful friends. So I just landed and I had but HAD to go visit the shops...And who did I find? Girl Emery, says she was needing me. Boy you'll be happy she found me! She needed to know where to find this fabulous lipcolor I was wearing a few months ago, said she needed it Rihanna-red. Well the answer was; Sephora, where they have these wonderful lip stains that won't budge not even for the rain or the sun. So it's weatherproof and season-less.

So there you have it, round up of this week. Either you grab those Minnetonka's in Utrecht or you visit Sephora and you grab yourself a cream lip stain!

Wednesday, August 10

Comfy me

Sometimes we need comfort in life. For example when we need to travel. Or move or go get groceries or just lounge about at home. For these and all the occasions one desires comfort I have found these images. Contemplate comfortable simplicity.

Don't we love it? Thanks Victoria for your Secret....

- Be open for suggestions, for one does not know from which way greatness arrives -

Sunday, August 7

Team Edward

Yes I like the Twilight saga, but me my friends is a die hard team Jacob kinda girl. I like real guys that have a tan and some muscles. No blood for me! But the title here is referring to the Edward in Tim Burton's epic Edward the Scissorhands. I remember in my childhood I used to watch this movie over and over again on TV. I saw it yesterday and am still enchanted by it. For the younger of my blog lovers see below.

It's a rather sad movie but a true love story. And the girly girl in me LOVES it! I even like the character so much I went to find Edward inspired pieces for my fall wardrobe. I hate having it cold so yes leather shall be integrated. Contemplate below the finds of this chick.


Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Alexander Mc.Queen

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Jean Paul Gaultier

Friday, August 5

Do not Facebook!

Yes that was the request of those below. Still, you'd say, why put them on your blog. It's still viral and people (even strangers) will see them. Well in my defense, I like the pic and those on it and I don't pretend to be the new Picasso of this century but I really like the pic. Sepia is a  great setting and so is the excruciating sun of Curacao!

Lica & Yuca
On the left we have Licaya, which is the rebel of the pair. In reality she has black hair with pinkish details on the bottom and a couple of interesting tats. Yes that is not the only one she's got....Ask her, if you ever see her! But hey, girl's got awesome style. I consider Licaya to be one of those girls who can throw on a sheet and head out and look awesomelly great. Just plain AWESOME. However she won't ever do that cuz Licaya's got her thing going on. Won't ever wear a girly girl glam ensemble like me, 'cause she does rebel chic. And I'm not talking some shitty mesh  leggings. I'm talking all black nice outfit with a fun but edgy twist. Yes she's edgy, eccentric chic....If you ever land in Punda and you need to know where to go for awesome pieces of clothing or awesome ANYthing...hit her up, she has a build in compass of where to find nice little edgy stuff. It doesn't matter the occasion. She is the one saying why flat ironed hair is not necessary and why bold and beautiful make up is a must. But I'm not talking GAGA here... 

And on the right we got Miss Marugia aka Licaya might call her. She is all things classy and sassy. In the years of knowing Yuca I've seen why women musn't complain of age. As you might note she is not my age nor Licaya's age, but man can she make you forget time exists. 'Cause Yuca is just that, timeless. Every and anything she touches is that timeless. She evokes class which is why I like her style. No dissing Lica here, but Yuca is a more Vany2ah person...boy does this sound funny :P Yuca has exceptional simply but classy taste. 

And how come life has thrown these two together, well that's a great story in need of another picture...saved for later. Gotta run dolls!

Hasta la vista, babes!

Tuesday, August 2

I'm falling

Yes I admit it...I Vany2ah am falling...not in love 'cause I already am (blushhhhh) but I'm talking 'bout Fall. We are sure not expecting it. But while on twitter it has dawn on me. Summer is ending, so is my vacation,, and Fall is like behind the courtain waiting to haunt me with the rain and the cold. I hate it! And my hands are always the ones that suffer the I'm always wearing gloves, early on till late winter-almost spring-ish. Therefore I must get me more black gloves right? No, not nessecary however, look at these babies!

These are 3.1 Phillip Lim studded leather gloves worth $395 waaaaayyy above the acceptable budget but soooo cute! I'm in no way crafty so no DIY for this one, don't want to end up looking like a freak...:P
So Imma scourge through any resource known to men in order to find me some affordable options this Fall and since I'll have to take these gorgeous babies off I recommend this manicure trend for fall. Try it with dark colors such as navy, dark purple or blood intens red. I'm no fan of the black but one never knows!

Let me now what your Fall favourites are....and yeah what are you still wearing for Summer?

Hasta la vista, babes!