Monday, June 25

Marchesa my Precious!

Pink and ladylike.
I am soooo loving this trend!
I am totally gonna start collecting awesome PINK pieces again.
Thanks to the girls of Marchesa

Monday, June 18


Resort wear 2013 is out!
And Louis Vuitton has just made my heart skip a beat.
You know I love anything PINK and ladylike, right?
Now imagine my delight as I was browsing and I found the images of this collection.
Suit yourself and tell me if you agree with me.
Me, I'm smitten and will start all over with the pink craze.

Sunday, June 17

Diet Coke Young Designer Challenge

Yes the Internet reveals wonders to you sometimes.
And yes today was such a lucky day.
I've found this contest online sponsored by Coca Cola, 
whereby we the public can help choose the design of the official Diet Coke shirt which will be later available on Target in the US and online I presume.
The judges for this contest are THE fabulous mr. Zac Posen, L'wren Scott and Cynthia Rowley.
Of course this challenge has a prize: A trip to New York during Fall Fashion week in August 2012.
Sweet right? Not quite, only legal US citizens can participate,
Nevertheless I voted for a winner because,
 I like to be involved in the Product Development phase (yes my Marketing is creeping through).
And these are my three favorite designs:

 by Florencia Chaves

Kim en Vogue

Usually before it's in fashion it's en Vogue, 
but this time it's the other way around. 
As you might know by now Kim Kardashian has had years of frenzied paparazzi running after her,
while the world, including moi,have been watching.
I'll admit this is my guilty pleasure, but hey,
Who does personal branding better than the Kardashians?
No one! So consider this a way of learning the job :P
Well it's been a great leap for her and she has landed her first Vogue cover.
This girl went from Playboy to Vogue,
even if you don't know the magazine arsenal you might know that this is a HUGE progress.
More reason to see what's next.
Below are some of the pictures. Not my favorite Vogue article but it sure is noteworthy.

Saturday, June 16

Amazing tutorials

Today is Saturday!
Yeay! Not quite so fun: My Saturdays are reserved for doing laundry, clean my room and go to the market.
But contrary to me I hope you have some free time and are not too whacked from yesterdays whereabouts.
So I have compiled a few of my favorite beauty tutorials from YouTube.
The most amazing nail art ideas, hair tutorials, make-up...
I've got my favorites lined up right here so enjoy your day, my way ;)


Friday, June 15

Loque a mi me gusta!

Yes I like to speak Spanish,
Maybe just because I'm good at it but this post is not about my language skills.
I've been absent and I shall vow not to do so anymore 
So in order to prevent this I shall start sharing pictures with just a couple of words. 
Hope you don't mind!
And if you like that I kinda speak my mind all the time, don't worry I shall keep on (over) sharing with you!
But sticking to the topic (What I like), I'm currently intro crazy bold necklaces.
Belle Noel