Thursday, March 1

5 key pieces for Spring

I know promised this post via twitter 2 days ago, but I got caught up with schoolwork.
I am starting to feel that I'm working for Miranda (The Devil wears Prada), only I never get to see her...
So I have no idea what she wears in my situation...:P
Anyway let us strategize how to spend our hard-earned money!

Like most of us working our way to the corporate world,
our budgets are not as dainty as we would like it to be.
So it makes no sense to even suggest you to go buy a total new wardrobe,
and I know the probability that you will mix and match is substantial.
Believe me I myself like to find key pieces that vamps up my closet so I don't end up spending too much :P
Well let's start the counting. These are the items you will need to update your closet!

A bright yellow dress

The color of this dress will revive you dusty, dark and beige winter closet in no time.

This dress, depending on the style you buy, can be worn on different occasions.
You can style it for a night out, for a casual Saturday or even a date.
I've spotted this amazingly cute yellow dress on the runway last September.
Designer Oscar de la Renta made this wonderful item.
Of course if we cannot afford such astonishing prices, 
we shall look meticulously for a look-a-like that is within our budgets. 
Be smart ladies!
In case you don't like yellow, don't fret. Orange is also huge!
And mr. de la Renta has a fab orange dress of the same collection.
Use it as a general indication..:P

Flowery bottoms
I can bet on my precious hair that you have heard about this trend.
Wherever I look there is someone with a flowery bottom even at campus.
I have seen tons of pictures everywhere of those flower-printed pants!
I am not sure these will be in my best interest, for I am short and curvy,
But I found an alternative way to wear a flowery bottom.
Because yes, I too like to make my day by dressing vibrantly.
At D&G they came up with the flowery a line skirt!
Now that I can wear with confidence!
This look is from the 2012 Fall collection but you can draw inspiration from it starting this Spring.
If you wanna rock the pant either ways,
here is a cheap way to jump onto this trend without much regret.
H&M, 14.95 in euros.

Something peplum
For those of us, who have never ever heard of peplum before (I know I haven't) it is quite a pleasant surprise. The so low priced fashion giant Primark had peplum shirts since last year.
And luckily moi has one already, conveniently in blue which fits the ocean trend of this year!
So my tip is go with your guts, you see something you like it, buy it.
Don't care if no one else is wearing it, yet!
But back to the main story, I spotted a couple of awesome options online.
The lucky ones in the USA can rush to Target and grab this peplum shirt by Jason Wu.
I envy you, because it is not available online..and ticket prices are not cheap.
You see even Jason Wu is digging the yellow thing!

Pastel mints
Okay, you are not the over-the-top here I come girl? 
Well in that case, fashion has not forgotten you,
These spring pastels are everywhere, especially in mint green!
This is the fabulous Chanel's take on the pastel mint trend
And here we have it at Louis Vuitton.
This whole collection is to die for!
I would kill for any one of those pieces! 
This shirt is 19.95 at Only.
No real commitment, just a small price.

Statement collar

Last but not least we got an update on you regular button-downs.
Many designers have added what are called statement collars to make these shirts more interesting.
The one below is from Louis Vuitton Spring 2012. AGAIN. 
You see how fab they are, they have a two-trend-in-one going here!

And in case you want to cheap out more, just button up your shirt and add a statement necklace.
Like in the show of Carven for Spring 2012.

So tell me, which one of these trends are you looking forward to try?

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