Tuesday, May 22

Strong Alicia

This singer possesses such a powerful voice, plus she has the ability to strike you down just by gracefully caressing the piano, besides having meaningful and soul-touching lyrics.
Her fusion of sounds relate with a great crowd, girls and guys alike. 
For years she has been fierce. Musically and style-wise.
I bet you know and have belted out more than one of her songs. Example Empire State of Mind. 
No one. Unbreakable. Superwoman. Fallin'. If I aint got you.
Do I need to mention more? 
She has done a lot with her hair over the last couple of years, which I would not dare,
But I love her ensembles. She makes you feel strong.
But she also looks the part.
This is the girl telling you how life is never over.
This is the girl showing you, you can do this, and by her looks you will believe her too!
So girls, belt out her great songs and let's show the world how strong we are.
You don't have to copy Alicia, just take charge of your life and look good while doing so.
I know I will!

Monday, May 21

Garota de Ipanema

Being the daughter of the musician that I am, I've delved into the 60's and I've found this great hit.
The girl from Ipanema. 
Now maybe you don't know her, but she has become famous by this song written by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, originally titled Garota de Ipanema.  A fine example of the genre Bossa Nova in my opinion. However who's the girl that has sparked such commotion over the last 50 years?
Her name is Heloisa Eneida de Menezes Pase Pinto.
And she is THE Audrey Hepburn of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. 
Not only does she possess the beauty and charm to inspire a worldwide hit, 
She has had the smarts to use this famous nickname in order to start a chain of stores called,
yes exactly, Garota de Ipanema. Below are a couple of pictures of her in her youth. 

The thing I like most of these pictures is that she looks radiant and has a quite natural look (she's gone blonde through the years), which means my boyfriend is right about the less is more when it comes to make up, in this case that is! Besides these pictures remind me of the thing I like of being a brunette,
In a world full of blond bombshells, the dark-haired girl seems intriguing and interesting.
Thank you Garota de Ipanema.

This cover by Blueswing is available on SoundCloud.


I know you usually don't expect this kind of post from me, but this is another side of me which I would like you to know. I've recently been on vacation, which explains my absence. And this is what I wrote while taking my 8 and a half hour flight back to my humble home :P
Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think of my post;)
If you want to see more of my thoughts let me know!

Do we ever cease to chase after our dreams? 
Do our dreams change, fade or disappear with the passing of times?

Does this curvy path filled with obstacles and challenges lead to glory, or is it just another illusion of this mischievous life to twist our vision and lead us to our own disdain?

Do we know what it is we are meant to be or be doing?
Can we be guided to our own success, or shall we run eternally in search for that one glorious moment that might or might never appear to us?

We might not have the answers to all these questions, for we live in uncertainty and cannot predict our future.
But surely we must all agree on one single thought:

Might life be as simple and as obvious so that not one of us should be deceived,
for happiness is a collective dream we all desire and deserve at some point in our lifetime.