Tuesday, November 29

Vegas wantbook

Believe it or not, my latest ACTUAL gift from Vegas, was a pair of sand colored UGG's, which in my view was a way of saying; Here my dear, take the sand from Las Vegas to keep your feet warm!

However my hubby was not the only one in Vegas, no I haven't gone anywhere, I've been in Tilburg doing my best in Marketing.....not a bore but soooo much to do and so much alike!

So my escape happened in a little shop called Kruidvat! (not really so small, each city in this country must have at least 3 of them, I think...LOL) They carry this line called Catrice, which has its limited edition collection called 'Welcome to Las Vegas'. And yes I love to play with make up and no I did not go overboard (totally than :P), however I was clearly inspired!

 Like it don't ya? I know, J'adore! Personally I feel it should not only be limited to make up, but expanded into clothing also....:P So this is my current wishlist based on the looks in this clip! Give me shiney notice me clothing! Give me love, money and Jazzzzzzz....owke just scroll down....

I wish I could grab them all:P

1.Blazer with shoulder-pads
€59.95 Zara

2.TFNC Sequin Dress with Mesh Inserts
£52.00 asos.com

3.Floral Lace Romper
€23.75 forever21.com

4.Burberry Prorsum
Raffia and patent-leather sandals

5.Anya Hindmarch
Marano glitter-finish box clutch