Wednesday, July 27

Insanity in women part 2

I am not going to tell you why men think women are insane. I'm not a psychology student. Me, I'm from the Marketing Management department, we mean business. And I seriously will devote a post once again to insaneness (nice nick :P) of how obsessive women can become for ONE item ONE and only! 

A freaking pair of shoes.

Are you still with me? Well, why is it insane this time?

1. I already own a pair of brown cowboy-ish shoes
2. It's summer, I'm on an island, NOBODY wears boots
3. And well my dear; THE PRICE TAG IS INSANE!!!!

Conclusion. This is total insanity.......However....well please have a look.

These are Barbara Bui. Haven't heard of her but, it's priced at a whopping 230 euros a pair. But.....Aren't they cute? Like cuter than those toddlers who run around screaming and spilling stuff on your shoes?  Like shouldn't all your boots be embellished like this one? Like shouldn't I be entitled to have my queenly little chocolate colored (read: NOT BROWN) boots? Yes right. 

Plus it's raining in the Netherlands. Fall will soon be here. Besides I am sooo short that I MUST have these babies to amp up my altitude :P and my ego! Like I would be the girl with the nice chocolate embellished boots LOL....Oh my I am resembling Becky Bloomwood, the Shopaholic herself (giggles) good read though!

And just in case you're still not sold after my little long list of whys....Take a look. 

Lovely aint it? Besides I want the hair color, the skirt, the shirt and take a closer look of the belt...Below!

Remember I said I love turqoise? Well this belt would be my way to summer-ize my fall and winter wardrobe and my ratty old jeans and my current shorts..oh well you get the picture!

I shall stop obsessing and get going, don't forget to come back. Hasta la vista babes!

Tuesday, July 26

I'm into you

Don't get me wrong, I know I've got some obsessions with making posts looking like song reviews :P (Kiss me) but this is no tribute to JLo. I will accept she is beautiful, YES, some say she has style, not my type but NO HATE! :P I'm just more of a Britney type. And it sure doesn't help that she is crawling around with the hot, papasito, William Levy (telenovela addict speaking). I just can't stop watching the damn vid, the beat is catchy, you see...

And while watching I spotted this look! Maybe you say not worth the post, 'cause yeah everyone saw it already. But she channeled the aztec trend just fine without the use of color which is so crucial to this trend. Those who live in the region know that stuff originated from the area of Peru and all the aztec region is typified by bright strokes of color and ancient patterns. 

Still this look for me is an eyecatcher!

So yes, Aztec tribal look of JLo, I'm into you! Ya heard?

Hasta la vista, babes! 

Tuesday, July 19

For Vareshka..with love, Vany2ah

Vareshka is my dear only loving sister...hardworking asskicking sister (in a good way though). So Vary, as we call her, is a grown woman  but not one of those boring soccermoms, noh our Vareshka is stylish. Ask anyone who knows us. As a former model she is stil skinny, with baby and all, and no we don't hate her! She, well she is our hero our stylish bigger sister! But hey I'm heavier so no raiding her closet, anymore! :P

As any working chick knows one needs to worry about their presentation. No marketeer or lawyer or whoever will take you seriously if you do not look the part. And great first impressions are a better set of assets than a million great efforts to reconcile with others memories.

I am in no way saying, that being smart isn't better, I just like to look the part. I dream of being a savvy and cutely dressed Marketing Manager. Or the best PR girl you can think of, that always has her stuff covered.  Oh my I'm stealing Vareshka's thunder :P whoops...

Well the deal is, I saw this look book and even though she has her act together, some tips never fail! So Var jump on my train!

Now do you still think Ann Taylor is for grannies? :P What do you think Vareshka?

Feel free to comment ;) Hasta la vista babes!

Monday, July 18

Pink me up

As all girly girl J'adore PINK....not the Victoria's Secret brand only but all things pink. I'm past my obession but Jason Wu has revived it all up! 

I simply declare this day...

The day to remember and love your inner PINK fever. I you were the girl in pink, or the one with the pink room...celebrate it! There is no shame in that. Plus you don't have to go all overboard, that would be fashion suicide :P

Just use something pink, even if it is only your nails.

And while you're all pinked up, research As you can see pink was never a bad choice!

Hasta la vista babes!

Saturday, July 16

Happy Weekend

I'm a girl with an olive complexion that has a bit of yellow-ish in it. So coral suits me perfectly. Besides I was born on an island, which makes me, (not all islanders) crave mango like colors! If you see one of the famous sightings of my dushi Curacao you'll agree with me.

Nuff said huh? Aint it pretty? So all these glorious buildings make me want to wear something BOLD and beautiful! And what is that you say? The following will shed light on your understanding.

Actually this ensemble could be a bit too colorful for me but all apart I like all these pieces. And it seems effortless and breezy and says chic chick on the rooooolll...add some heels and we can go dance salsa! Or add flats and we can match the buildings in the city. So what's it gonna be? Believe and be happy!

Hasta la vista babes!

Friday, July 15

Kolor me Krazy

The Kardashians.

What can't I tell you about them? I've watched 6 YES SIX seasons long. I feel like family (delusional fan slang). No, seriously. I know some of you don't consider it worthy of your attention, asking yourselves 'What is it that the Kardashians do? Except of making $65 million a year?' For me that would be enough however I'm not dealing this card. The Kardashians are the most successful form of personal branding in the last ten years that I know of. And yeah, they make good TV!

Still, we're not here to discuss they're ability to keep us keeping up with them. We au contraire are serious so let's get down to business.

These girls have their own nail polish coming out so move out Justin Bieber :P

I know, I know, you might not be interested. But come on! Take a look. It's cute.....the colors seem fair to me....And yes! Me, I can't wait to get my hands on them. So Kardashians, maybe you're not listening but make this available in Europe. Show me you got you're channels covered. Prove me wrong in knowing where to ship your lot! 
Now tell me, what is your opinion on this new collection? Do you like it? Or is it too much? Eagerly waiting your response! 

Hasta la vista babes!

Kiss me!

Oh yep, If you've recognized where this is going...well I love that song!'s start over...

DRESS me! dre-dre-dress me! That's more like it huh? Well, if the heat of summer (my tropical loves) has got you melted I've gotten the perfect wear it everywhere tip; Get yourself a cute dress! I'm not saying I'm over shorts...(Heck no! I practically live in those things) however there are someplaces shorts cannot be worn.

1. Cute first a nice restaurant
2. The streets of Curacao (if you don't want to be called darling all the way to heaven that is :P )
3. And well maybe you're mom like mine thinks shorts are house-clothing (see Mom knows best? )

For all those (im)practical reasons I have found this cute but nice and sweet but ladylike...little option. See below.

It might be short...oh but who cares...wear a short beneath if you're a fan of my mom! If its rainy outside like my dear big city Rotterdam...pair it with some leggings...but just give it a shot..

Besides don't skimp on colors. If you find a great super great neon lime like green, just do it! Remember summer is all about color. Even if the weather isn't, cuz staring people can make you happy :P Just joking....its summer my dears! So enjoy it to the max! Hasta la vista babes!

Btw....did you see the ring on her finger? Would I be bragging if I said...I spotted and bought it before she did? LOLssss

Monday, July 4

Channel this..:P

Nobody expects much from a lazy Sunday, for most of us don't do a dang on this holy the wholy day..LOL....For me this means, lay on a bed and cruise through some mags, on the pc that is....for I haven't gotten me mags in a sad..=( 

However today is a day of great discoveries, for I've found this amazing ad by Chanel. I know this need no introduction at all so here it goes;

First thought that went through my head; I wanna be this girl, secondly, is she royalty? Like doesn't she resemble princess Anastasia? Or am I just besotted by this amazing piece of artwork or maginificent form of Marketing? It could be both, but as we can see Chanel keeps on amazing the commoners like myself. 'Cause this aint cheap! 

But leaving pockets aside....If you want to be this royal, just find your go-to dress...Find the right head gear and have someone (semi-pro or who can work a cam...aka NOT me) take a photograph like this for you, and for more impact have two shots taken. One in color and one in Sephia. I would totally do this :P Why? Well not only do I love pics of myself but this ad is a showcase of pure beauty and historical portrayal (even though it's from current date). And yeah, it's my non-expensive way of being 'Chanel'...Thus Channel this and reach the sky!

Well babes I'm off to search for my camera dude! Hasta la vista!

Sunday, July 3

2nd of July

Indeed it does not read the 4th of July, not out of disrespect, just plain and simply because the 2nd of July is Flag Day in my dushi Curacao! Now as most of us would state, dark blue, white and yellow are pretty difficult to combine (be free to Google 'Curacao flag').

Thus I've decided to use one of the islands most beautiful beaches as the source of inspiration for my style indications...kinda rhymes now doesn't it! :P
In my native language this beach is called Kenepa Grandi, or Grote Knip which is in Dutch.

This beach is one of the most clearest of the whole island and one of the most frequented. In case you are visiting make sure you go early morning in order to get a spot beneath the cute palm-covered benches, it is totally worth it.

However if you won't be joining on a trip to this awesome beach just take a note on these inspirational pieces and be happy! Your happiness is as great as the strenght of your mind, or so I'd like to think.....

So if these poppy colors can make you happy then so be it! However if you do not dare do the BOLD for head to toe, well just add one piece....and whenever it catches your eye, just smile...And you'll be a happy island girl like me...or a -whatever-suits-you! Have a happy 2nd or 4th of July celebration!

Hasta la vista babes!

Friday, July 1

Today I don't feel like doing anything!

Pabien to all my fellow colleagues of UNA who are gonna celebrate their graduation tonight!!!! Right!!! Aint it awesome...aint it fab? After all those sufferings of sleepless nights and hard studies...THIS is the payoff...I'm so proud because on this day many of my friends are going to be on stage receiving their degree.....(tears...sob..happinesss). And exactly for those celebrating today I have this post.

Now as most of you might know, you're going to be wearing a toga, which covers your dress, and a toga, which on its turn cover your hair....leaving no space for all that glamour...sadly...However I've got some tips on how to shine on this special day!

This is your time to make a statement by having the most genius shoe on, maybe it has to be black but NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE said it had to be boring. I stake my point! See below!

2. Fun(ky) accessoires
Sadly one can't wear a tiara due to the cap business, but Hey....other stuff like bracelets and statement rings count! Rock it this way...

I am in love with these earthy jewel earrings....Oh and I totally jumped on the turqoise trend! Gotta love it!
3. Fabulous make-up
You don't need to do the circus thing here...remember you still have a dress down there, somewhere! So beware of looking like Pipo the clown in your pictures!
They'll last forever and mind you, do fabulous but nicely!
Still have a couple of things to do while time is ticking so holla at me!

Hasta la vista babes!