Sunday, March 4

Truth or Dare

So I've been nosing around and taking a look at the beauty aesthetic of some designers.
I've noticed some crazy eye make up and I've seen new and interesting stuff.
My favorite make up look is the peacock.
The peacock includes, emerald green, purple, gold and black.
It is DRAMATIC for sure!
I would totally do this for a night out with the girls, 'cause I'm not so sure BF would appreciate this :P
I really like how this combination brings out the best for dark eyed people, like myself.
So I surely will try this one,
and hopefully our friend Yuhklop will do a tutorial.
Cross your fingerssssss...!!!!

So far that I can remember, me and my friends always use black eyeliner.
We used to come to school and do our make up, which always meant black eye liner.
So this new take on the basic black eyeliner sure appeals to me.
I am not so sure I can pull it off, but I like the Cleopatra look these double black lines give you.

The following look is rather tricky. It is mint green eyeshadow on a plain face.
I will try this using a warmer shade or more blueish shade.
So this one is the most daring one for me, decide for yourself if you shall try it or not :P

I've been doing this lip stain thing since last year so I so love the rosy stained lips.
This is a total DO!
Just look for the right shade for your skin.
Fair skins, look for a rosy color like the one below, 
For those with an olive complexion  look for a more peachy pink.
And dark girls look for a deeper, near purple but still pink, pink.

And finally this is my favorite look.
This is what I call, my school look. Or my no-time look.
A bare, fresh face. Barely there make up!
Just grab a moisturizer and a lip balm. 
Try using a luminous moisturizer like L'oreal Youth Code.
After these two steps, add a little brow gel in your natural brow color and we are good to go!

So what do you think of these make up looks?
Are you digging them like I am?

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