Friday, June 15

Loque a mi me gusta!

Yes I like to speak Spanish,
Maybe just because I'm good at it but this post is not about my language skills.
I've been absent and I shall vow not to do so anymore 
So in order to prevent this I shall start sharing pictures with just a couple of words. 
Hope you don't mind!
And if you like that I kinda speak my mind all the time, don't worry I shall keep on (over) sharing with you!
But sticking to the topic (What I like), I'm currently intro crazy bold necklaces.
Belle Noel

I went from not wearing necklaces at all to wanting the most crazy neck candy :P
It's not like I want to show off my neckline or anything, 
Forever 21
I just think these necklaces add a touch of glam to any outfit!
Besides, these necklaces remind me of my own culture.

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