Saturday, June 16

Amazing tutorials

Today is Saturday!
Yeay! Not quite so fun: My Saturdays are reserved for doing laundry, clean my room and go to the market.
But contrary to me I hope you have some free time and are not too whacked from yesterdays whereabouts.
So I have compiled a few of my favorite beauty tutorials from YouTube.
The most amazing nail art ideas, hair tutorials, make-up...
I've got my favorites lined up right here so enjoy your day, my way ;)

My friends always say I don't do a thing with my long hair so there you go!
I already tried it yesterday and it's really easy to do.
It's playful and it sure shows you did something with your hair!
I'll sure try this one with a cute white summer dress and sandals.
For more cool tutorials follow Macbarbie07 in order to see more cool stuff.

Staying with the hair theme I've found a more complex model, 
which is suitable if you are handy and have more time.
I think I shall have to practice on someone else first, before I actually attempt this on my own.
And YES! There are more hair tutorials online by cerinebabyyish.

The following vid seems a bit complicated to get it right, so I recommend you to try like maybe two to three times before you actually leave it on your nail.
I know this technique will give me a hard time, but I will sure try it some time in June,
after my exams and when it's actually sunny enough to have psychedelic nails!

This girl, TheMissmana, has more patterns online,
some really nice color combinations so make sure to visit her page

I hope you've enjoyed my compilation of the current tutorials that I'm into!
Don't be shy, share your favorite or own tutorial in the comment section.
Maybe you have one that I've missed ;)

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