Sunday, June 17

Kim en Vogue

Usually before it's in fashion it's en Vogue, 
but this time it's the other way around. 
As you might know by now Kim Kardashian has had years of frenzied paparazzi running after her,
while the world, including moi,have been watching.
I'll admit this is my guilty pleasure, but hey,
Who does personal branding better than the Kardashians?
No one! So consider this a way of learning the job :P
Well it's been a great leap for her and she has landed her first Vogue cover.
This girl went from Playboy to Vogue,
even if you don't know the magazine arsenal you might know that this is a HUGE progress.
More reason to see what's next.
Below are some of the pictures. Not my favorite Vogue article but it sure is noteworthy.

For the full article, visit

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