Friday, July 1

Today I don't feel like doing anything!

Pabien to all my fellow colleagues of UNA who are gonna celebrate their graduation tonight!!!! Right!!! Aint it awesome...aint it fab? After all those sufferings of sleepless nights and hard studies...THIS is the payoff...I'm so proud because on this day many of my friends are going to be on stage receiving their degree.....(tears...sob..happinesss). And exactly for those celebrating today I have this post.

Now as most of you might know, you're going to be wearing a toga, which covers your dress, and a toga, which on its turn cover your hair....leaving no space for all that glamour...sadly...However I've got some tips on how to shine on this special day!

This is your time to make a statement by having the most genius shoe on, maybe it has to be black but NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE said it had to be boring. I stake my point! See below!

2. Fun(ky) accessoires
Sadly one can't wear a tiara due to the cap business, but Hey....other stuff like bracelets and statement rings count! Rock it this way...

I am in love with these earthy jewel earrings....Oh and I totally jumped on the turqoise trend! Gotta love it!
3. Fabulous make-up
You don't need to do the circus thing here...remember you still have a dress down there, somewhere! So beware of looking like Pipo the clown in your pictures!
They'll last forever and mind you, do fabulous but nicely!
Still have a couple of things to do while time is ticking so holla at me!

Hasta la vista babes!

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