Saturday, July 16

Happy Weekend

I'm a girl with an olive complexion that has a bit of yellow-ish in it. So coral suits me perfectly. Besides I was born on an island, which makes me, (not all islanders) crave mango like colors! If you see one of the famous sightings of my dushi Curacao you'll agree with me.

Nuff said huh? Aint it pretty? So all these glorious buildings make me want to wear something BOLD and beautiful! And what is that you say? The following will shed light on your understanding.

Actually this ensemble could be a bit too colorful for me but all apart I like all these pieces. And it seems effortless and breezy and says chic chick on the rooooolll...add some heels and we can go dance salsa! Or add flats and we can match the buildings in the city. So what's it gonna be? Believe and be happy!

Hasta la vista babes!

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