Friday, July 15

Kolor me Krazy

The Kardashians.

What can't I tell you about them? I've watched 6 YES SIX seasons long. I feel like family (delusional fan slang). No, seriously. I know some of you don't consider it worthy of your attention, asking yourselves 'What is it that the Kardashians do? Except of making $65 million a year?' For me that would be enough however I'm not dealing this card. The Kardashians are the most successful form of personal branding in the last ten years that I know of. And yeah, they make good TV!

Still, we're not here to discuss they're ability to keep us keeping up with them. We au contraire are serious so let's get down to business.

These girls have their own nail polish coming out so move out Justin Bieber :P

I know, I know, you might not be interested. But come on! Take a look. It's cute.....the colors seem fair to me....And yes! Me, I can't wait to get my hands on them. So Kardashians, maybe you're not listening but make this available in Europe. Show me you got you're channels covered. Prove me wrong in knowing where to ship your lot! 
Now tell me, what is your opinion on this new collection? Do you like it? Or is it too much? Eagerly waiting your response! 

Hasta la vista babes!


  1. Ness masha leuk mes nan ta!!! Mi tambe ke pa nan yega Hulanda pa kaba!<3 Btw bo blog ta super great!! Love it! Sany;)

  2. Thanks Sany! Make sure to come back! :P