Sunday, July 3

2nd of July

Indeed it does not read the 4th of July, not out of disrespect, just plain and simply because the 2nd of July is Flag Day in my dushi Curacao! Now as most of us would state, dark blue, white and yellow are pretty difficult to combine (be free to Google 'Curacao flag').

Thus I've decided to use one of the islands most beautiful beaches as the source of inspiration for my style indications...kinda rhymes now doesn't it! :P
In my native language this beach is called Kenepa Grandi, or Grote Knip which is in Dutch.

This beach is one of the most clearest of the whole island and one of the most frequented. In case you are visiting make sure you go early morning in order to get a spot beneath the cute palm-covered benches, it is totally worth it.

However if you won't be joining on a trip to this awesome beach just take a note on these inspirational pieces and be happy! Your happiness is as great as the strenght of your mind, or so I'd like to think.....

So if these poppy colors can make you happy then so be it! However if you do not dare do the BOLD for head to toe, well just add one piece....and whenever it catches your eye, just smile...And you'll be a happy island girl like me...or a -whatever-suits-you! Have a happy 2nd or 4th of July celebration!

Hasta la vista babes!

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