Tuesday, July 26

I'm into you

Don't get me wrong, I know I've got some obsessions with making posts looking like song reviews :P (Kiss me) but this is no tribute to JLo. I will accept she is beautiful, YES, some say she has style, not my type but NO HATE! :P I'm just more of a Britney type. And it sure doesn't help that she is crawling around with the hot, papasito, William Levy (telenovela addict speaking). I just can't stop watching the damn vid, the beat is catchy, you see...

And while watching I spotted this look! Maybe you say not worth the post, 'cause yeah everyone saw it already. But she channeled the aztec trend just fine without the use of color which is so crucial to this trend. Those who live in the region know that stuff originated from the area of Peru and all the aztec region is typified by bright strokes of color and ancient patterns. 

Still this look for me is an eyecatcher!

So yes, Aztec tribal look of JLo, I'm into you! Ya heard?

Hasta la vista, babes! 

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