Wednesday, July 27

Insanity in women part 2

I am not going to tell you why men think women are insane. I'm not a psychology student. Me, I'm from the Marketing Management department, we mean business. And I seriously will devote a post once again to insaneness (nice nick :P) of how obsessive women can become for ONE item ONE and only! 

A freaking pair of shoes.

Are you still with me? Well, why is it insane this time?

1. I already own a pair of brown cowboy-ish shoes
2. It's summer, I'm on an island, NOBODY wears boots
3. And well my dear; THE PRICE TAG IS INSANE!!!!

Conclusion. This is total insanity.......However....well please have a look.

These are Barbara Bui. Haven't heard of her but, it's priced at a whopping 230 euros a pair. But.....Aren't they cute? Like cuter than those toddlers who run around screaming and spilling stuff on your shoes?  Like shouldn't all your boots be embellished like this one? Like shouldn't I be entitled to have my queenly little chocolate colored (read: NOT BROWN) boots? Yes right. 

Plus it's raining in the Netherlands. Fall will soon be here. Besides I am sooo short that I MUST have these babies to amp up my altitude :P and my ego! Like I would be the girl with the nice chocolate embellished boots LOL....Oh my I am resembling Becky Bloomwood, the Shopaholic herself (giggles) good read though!

And just in case you're still not sold after my little long list of whys....Take a look. 

Lovely aint it? Besides I want the hair color, the skirt, the shirt and take a closer look of the belt...Below!

Remember I said I love turqoise? Well this belt would be my way to summer-ize my fall and winter wardrobe and my ratty old jeans and my current shorts..oh well you get the picture!

I shall stop obsessing and get going, don't forget to come back. Hasta la vista babes!


  1. Amazing boots :o
    Anto bo ta bai pinta bo kabei e kolo ei ?? ;D exotic!! Do itt!~~

  2. Yes I am looking forward to do my hair that color...but don't like bleaching so let us hope it does end up looking like this! Thanks for the follow Liz...Love you dearly ;)