Sunday, June 26

Wear them short

Not go out and stay hydrated, es decir, never leave the shower!

Or you can grab you're pair of shorts and head out in style!

Now don't go tell me you haven't gotten at least one pair...'cause than well make yourself one! (grab an old pair of jeans, cut them, shred them, destroy them, bleach them et volia! but Hey! that would be a DIY post, right? giggles....As a guideline use the pic at left ;)

Me myself has done the DIY thing already and was uber
prepared for my sunny summer vacay so Imma grab my 1,000 pair of shorts and wear them like this!

As you can see, this Japanese girls sure do know
how to rock their assets in those cute little shorts! Note that none of them has that slouchy beach look that says; I was lazy dressing up...:P even if I sometimes do have that...

As a result we must say arigatou to for these amazing street style pictures to delight and enlight our closet usage. So people it's a warm Monday so say hello legs and goodbye to paleness with these cute ensembles...

Domo Arigatou indeed! Hasta la vista, babes!


  1. LikeyLIKE!! =) Keep it up Ness.. <3

  2. Thank you Daya89! Make sure to visit 'cause we got more to come.