Monday, July 4

Channel this..:P

Nobody expects much from a lazy Sunday, for most of us don't do a dang on this holy the wholy day..LOL....For me this means, lay on a bed and cruise through some mags, on the pc that is....for I haven't gotten me mags in a sad..=( 

However today is a day of great discoveries, for I've found this amazing ad by Chanel. I know this need no introduction at all so here it goes;

First thought that went through my head; I wanna be this girl, secondly, is she royalty? Like doesn't she resemble princess Anastasia? Or am I just besotted by this amazing piece of artwork or maginificent form of Marketing? It could be both, but as we can see Chanel keeps on amazing the commoners like myself. 'Cause this aint cheap! 

But leaving pockets aside....If you want to be this royal, just find your go-to dress...Find the right head gear and have someone (semi-pro or who can work a cam...aka NOT me) take a photograph like this for you, and for more impact have two shots taken. One in color and one in Sephia. I would totally do this :P Why? Well not only do I love pics of myself but this ad is a showcase of pure beauty and historical portrayal (even though it's from current date). And yeah, it's my non-expensive way of being 'Chanel'...Thus Channel this and reach the sky!

Well babes I'm off to search for my camera dude! Hasta la vista!

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