Friday, July 15

Kiss me!

Oh yep, If you've recognized where this is going...well I love that song!'s start over...

DRESS me! dre-dre-dress me! That's more like it huh? Well, if the heat of summer (my tropical loves) has got you melted I've gotten the perfect wear it everywhere tip; Get yourself a cute dress! I'm not saying I'm over shorts...(Heck no! I practically live in those things) however there are someplaces shorts cannot be worn.

1. Cute first a nice restaurant
2. The streets of Curacao (if you don't want to be called darling all the way to heaven that is :P )
3. And well maybe you're mom like mine thinks shorts are house-clothing (see Mom knows best? )

For all those (im)practical reasons I have found this cute but nice and sweet but ladylike...little option. See below.

It might be short...oh but who cares...wear a short beneath if you're a fan of my mom! If its rainy outside like my dear big city Rotterdam...pair it with some leggings...but just give it a shot..

Besides don't skimp on colors. If you find a great super great neon lime like green, just do it! Remember summer is all about color. Even if the weather isn't, cuz staring people can make you happy :P Just joking....its summer my dears! So enjoy it to the max! Hasta la vista babes!

Btw....did you see the ring on her finger? Would I be bragging if I said...I spotted and bought it before she did? LOLssss

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