Sunday, June 26

Mom knows best?

So...according to my mom, she is a lovely, shy, petite woman from an island named Bonaire, there are a few rules of style (paso ow get my mom talking fashion...:P)...uh yes...there are a few rules of style one DOES NOT forget like ever!...Maybe you might know a few of them...

1. There are, clothes to wear at home, clothes for everyday wear AND there are clothes for going out....and those don't mix nor get used for a occasion not as described above. So don't even ask!

2. Purple and yellow don't go, so does pink and red and all those crazy color schemes.

3. If you wanna be a lady, be a lady all over...

Now you will say, my mom doesn't know a bit of style however I was raised this way....which explains my 'style' :P

Still those were other times and now chick mix it ALL...for example...the summer staple CORAL and lace. Personally I love both but coral is so poppy and it soo complements my skin color so I gravitate towards this coral even for lipcolor...Happy me has a pic for your judgement. Check it out;

So maybe you have something in common with my mom or you're a rebel like me, but I'm in love with this outfit which is courtesy of

Now tell me, does mom know best? Hasta la vista babes!

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