Tuesday, August 2

I'm falling

Yes I admit it...I Vany2ah am falling...not in love 'cause I already am (blushhhhh) but I'm talking 'bout Fall. We are sure not expecting it. But while on twitter it has dawn on me. Summer is ending, so is my vacation,, and Fall is like behind the courtain waiting to haunt me with the rain and the cold. I hate it! And my hands are always the ones that suffer the most..so I'm always wearing gloves, early on till late winter-almost spring-ish. Therefore I must get me more black gloves right? No, not nessecary however, look at these babies!

These are 3.1 Phillip Lim studded leather gloves worth $395 waaaaayyy above the acceptable budget but soooo cute! I'm in no way crafty so no DIY for this one, don't want to end up looking like a freak...:P
So Imma scourge through any resource known to men in order to find me some affordable options this Fall and since I'll have to take these gorgeous babies off I recommend this manicure trend for fall. Try it with dark colors such as navy, dark purple or blood intens red. I'm no fan of the black but one never knows!

Let me now what your Fall favourites are....and yeah what are you still wearing for Summer?

Hasta la vista, babes!

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