Monday, February 13

Happy Mondays!

It's official: I am completely obsessed with anything Rachel Zoe.
I wish I was that stick thin in order to rock the long maxi dresses, but my curves will halt the flow for sure LOL!

But yes, I have had requests with questions what to wear to work.
It seems to get very boring out there in the typical skirt or pant-suit combo.
Personally I SWEAR by color!
Add color no matter what season we are in, or wherever you are living!
Buy pants in seasonless one pant fits all seasons.
If you're saying 'This girls is speaking Chinese' just take a peak
Do you remember those blouses I was whining about in December?
The flowy ones, which Kourtney Kardashian rocked so awesomely in dress form?
Well yes, go to your closet. Grab one layer it on top of a regular tank top and voila!
Usted se ve preciosa! You look FAB!
I hope you bought it in all kind of gem stone colors,
Because these will surely revive your blah pant suit.

Are you not the color type?
And you are personally funkier?
Add a funky hat. They were everywhere last fall, so maybe you even have one,
somewhere in the closet.
My tip: Pull a Rachel!
Add a hat to your routine of boring Mondays!
But beware of hat hair :P

And sure this last snapshot is my favourite! I live for pink and combine it with purple and I'm in heaven!
So maybe this combination is to extreme for some of us,
So instead of the whole pantsuit in purple,
Add just a blazer in purple to your black or beige or gray pants.
I sure would add the pink shirt also,
But I'm more of the 'Oh there she comes' kinda girl!
You don't?
Well add a most demure shade of pink.
Or go for a wine red shirt,
Totally compliments the purple/plum blazer.

Don't be afraid to be feminine at the office.
Express yourself.
Fabulous clothes lends for great confidence,
But remember remain professional.
No one will take you seriously if you are not put together.

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