Friday, February 24

Short on Time

I am literally short on time!
Crazily for once I have made a study schedule...:P
The first real since....EVER!
And yes I am already falling behind.
These precious minutes I am spending typing you guys should be spent reading articles.
Now, I am modern and I am THE WOMAN so I multitask right?
(I'm freaking out that is)

But still, imagine your schedule is as tight as mine,
But you have to be out and about.
And yes the library, train station, bus or whatever form of public transportation DOES count!
And yes we all wanna look fab right?
And, there's a wanna save money!

I've got the perfect solution for you.
Reversible jeans from Bluelab.
Now before you go say...eeeewww that's gross..blah blah..blah..
Look at how cute they are...
I swear if I had time, I'd score a pair!
And I must say the colors are awesome...
So bye bye boring blues....Hellooooo pretty jeans!

Mint green reversibles

Acid-wash reversibles
Purple leather-ish reversibles

Leopard print reversibles

Bright colored reversibles

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