Saturday, February 11

Viene San Valentino!

YES, its true Valentine's Day is like so here...No I won't be celebrating cuz I'll probably be at the university doing some damn annoying ASS. (otherwise known as assignments) as sister Killer Shoes calls them, but we won't complain.

So let's use our imagination, let's say you are going on a date (lucky you!) and yes you have to put on something right??? No I'm not discussing you're choice of lingerie since Victoria's Secret does that perfectly fine already, but back to our little fantasy. You. Date. Clothes. Hopefully you are going on some dinner with candles and roses and...ow crap I'm on the roll! No! No! Back to the fantasy CLOTHES...what are you gonna wear?

You probably don't want to do either white or red, because it's too obvious/cheesy but you still want to seem approachable so black is off the list...pounder...pounder...SOLUTIONS below...please scroll!
Option 1. Cute pastel-colored dress
Both these dresses are from the fabulous Asos, which by now you must have realized I die for! But if you are not the dress kind of girl, I've got something else for you!

Option 2. Do something poppy
So you are not a fan of dresses nor pastel pinks and lilacs? No problem, wear something metallic. But just one item! I don't want you to go around telling people I told you to bring on the bling. The top can be found at River Island and the pant at the always reliable H&M.


Option 3. Leopard
Should I really tell you why leopard lends you some sensual aura? Like is this really questionable? But don't overdo it. Head to toe leopard is suicide unless you're wearing it as a dress. This sweater is available at Forever 21, and is suitable even if you're way passed 21!

And for those of you who happen to live in the damn cold, a poppy scarf sure helps you catch the eye of your date. The first one is from Mango and the second one is available at Net-a-porter.

Last but not least, it seems some guys hate the stickiness of gloss and red lipstick seems to smudge the only safe option is a soft gleaming lip balm, which is soothing and nourishing for both set of lips :P.

I hope you have a very nice Valentine's Day ;)

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