Sunday, February 26

Polished up

A couple of weeks ago, my BFF asked me all panicked...
What nail polish should I buy????

Now it's prudent for you to know a couple of things. 
First of all we are entirely different on various aspects.
I am obsessed with nail polish since I'm 11 and it was forbidden by my dad.
She on the contrary is not that into beauty and fashion. She cares about less superficial stuff :P

But now you could say...Well she could just Google or grab the first polish in the drugstore!
Not quite, she is dark-skinned and yes, I admit.
It is difficult to find a polish that is VISIBLE and looks cute.
Lighter colored people have no such dramas for most nail polish are made for them!

So imagine us trying to find the right nail polish for her over BBM...
So did not happen! So for you my dearest..this post!

Choose something with sparkles
So I am openly over top in love with anything sparkly.
But this does not need to be over the top. Dark skinned girls should do sparkles. 
Especially if the color of the nail polish is already dark.
The nail polish lords, AKA O.P.I. have this whole collection which is perfect for darker skin colors.
These nail polishes have a lot of pigment and will make your nails look like cute little jewels.

Sally Hansen has a new line called Gem Crush, which suits not only fair skins. 
The one below is called Be-Jeweled.
<p>Gem Crush Nail Color</p>
Do some bloody red
I know what you're thinking. Red is for white people. 
I DO not agree. Well not with this shade. 
This could be the more universal red color I could have encountered.
This is Revlon's Cherry Crush. It glides on looking slightly like a blood color.
It sounds disgusting, but that's the most realistic description I can think of. Give it try.
And tell me if I'm wrong. 

Go green
Personally I think this color, depending on the shade is quite difficult to work. 
If you are fair it might be overpowering.
So what better than to rock it if your dark-skinned
This color, of MAC, is called Beyond Jealous.
And believe me, that's what people will be when the see how FAB your nails look girl!

My last tip for dark skinned girls: Add a topcoat to you fully dried polish. 
This makes the polish chip resistant and last longer.
It also gives your manicure a shiny finish that makes your hand look healthy and taken care of!
Sally Hansen makes a good one!

Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat  - packaged
So dear BFF, you are now in the know of what colors you should buy!;)


  1. I loved this post! thnx for the tips. Keep it up!

    1. You're welcome!Have any more questions? I'll make sure to reply!