Wednesday, February 15

Wishlist, part 1

The snow is gone.
The rain is back.
How on earth did it change so radical?
Thank you, global warming, the rain has come to ruin my hair!
So sad...

Now, now don't go pouting. You know what cheers us up!
Or me at least, I can become all happy and smiley by thinking;
THIS is what my closet needs!

I am no cold weather girl, so I am looking forward for Spring/Summer.
The color me crazy seasons with sun and warmth...
And beaches and sand and...
Dream along!

Paisley is back and yellow is soooo IT!
So what better than to put them together and tada....Happy all over again.
This dress is from Thakoon.
And I could have sworn this item is called The Vanessa.
It seems to perfectly capture my personality.
Always happy yellow paisley and a bit of red for the explosions of madness,
And short for no patience I-don't-deal-with-pants girls...

Now you might say, you don't like prints right?
Or this is sooo not my personality :P
But you still want bold?
I'd say go for a pink blazer. Bonus you can wear it casually or to the office!
A two-in-one piece.
The one below can be obtained at H&M.
So you won't blow your budget, now will you...:P
I strongly advice against staying more than 10 minutes in there..if you want to keep money in your pockets.

And sure one could always use a new bag right?
And I so don't have a caramel-brown bag!
I do own coral,
But I don't want to use coral for 6 months!
You see, I'm entitled to a new bag! :P
And I swear, there is no better place for awesome bags than Invito!
Except.....well maybe there are, but at the moment this bag is sooo screaming my name!
So what do think?
Do you dig my short wishlist?
I hope you would...
That's what keeps us alive, right?

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