Saturday, December 17

Blouse your way through December

Call me crazy or whatever....but I am sooooooooooo in love with this trend.

I am soooo hoping it's not a trend :P Why? Well yesterday I was doing laundry and when I went throught the closet I realized something, I've got like 5 of these type of blouses in assorted colors and I seem to keep on gravitating towards them....I even have one blouse like that at home in Curacao...which...well truthfully and sadly does not belong to me anymore...:( well I'll have to replace it right? :P

And yes, I do own a dress-like blouse like Kourtney Kardashian is wearing here...(which is soooo cute) besides I've got nothing in black so maybe...NO! I'm not getting another one...I must resist...

For you that cannot resist or do not own one yet...I totally approve the purchase of one of these blouses...'cause my theory is;

- It's winter
- You can pair it with ANYthing
- They suit many body types...(just belt it for better definition of the waist!)

So go ahead, get yourself one, but please do not go overboard...'cause otherwise we'll end up in Shopaholic anonymous.

I love this version from Asos, which can be worn to the office; 

Cute huh? Wish I could have it...


  1. I love the flowy blouses, sadly I don't own one yet. It's great to camouflage your belly if it's not flat.


  2. Well, I guess you must steal one from your sister...and remember always always belt them otherwise we'll end up looking like a tent...