Friday, February 17

Cozy Tilburg

I have to admit.
I love Rotterdam, but Tilburg isn't that bad.
It's actually quite nice.
Cobblestone streets.
Classical buildings dating before World War II.
And the coziness of the small towns.
At least, that's the vibe in the city.
Let us not speak of the busses..

So you could not imagine how much I saw that I want.
I personally thought it would be safe to go to the city in Tilburg.
Nope. There is NO such thing for me..

I saw the same Invito bag of previous post.
But now I want some jackets too! Like the one below.
This would be perfect for Spring!
Would cover my body so nicely, and the color totally compliments my skin color!
And my hair color and it's pink!
This beauty is from Only. I already have a pink blazer from there but hey!
I don't own a leather jacket yet :P
Besides they had cute damn colorful it should be illegal not to want them.
I mean how can you have a bad day in this cardigan???

And of course I saw those nice frilly shirts that always always return with the warmth.
In one shape, color or the other.

But of course Rotterdam has its good things...
Like Primark...
So of course we have to represent..
Take this sweater for example..
Aint it covetable?


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