Wednesday, August 24

The Red shoes by me

Once upon a time there was a young girl cruising through Schiphol Inernational Airport, after haven waved her cousin away. There she happened to catch a glimpse of a lady in black wearing some wonderful red shoes. For the young girl wasn't carrying a camera with her, the story goes on like this....

As a little girl I was not fixated on clothes and shoes, rather on books. One of my favorites was 'The Red Shoes' by Hans Christian Andersen. I have read the whole collection of fairy tales and stories. To this day this is one of them that has stuck with me, and I must confess; I think this is why I love red shoes. So after reaching home I decided to find me some identical pairs of such shoes and man this wasn't hard at all (snowballing effect, mind you...) Contemplate below what I had missed to catch on picture at the airport!

Balenciaga, I must say, you bring back my childhood. I can totally imagine why this would be the damnation of many of us (or our pockets) and surely dancing could be hurtful in these babies, more reason to compare with the original red shoes of Andersen. And I must admit, I just couldn't stop staring. Had to get into the elevator...what did I do? Well hold the door and stare....not polite I know but still had like HAD to do imagine they make you take off these babies at the gate, LOL :P

So babes, as the saying goes in Spanish; Para ser bellas hay que ver estrellas! And like I say, planetas, cometas y hasta el universo entero!

Google your way to knowledge. Hasta la vista, babes!

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