Tuesday, September 20

Cooperation with @Yuhklop

I bet you thought I left for good! Nooooo, I could never do that! I got too much on my mind I'd like to share with you! And you're to close to my heart to induce you such a pain :P

Mon dieu, I'll start off by saying I'm sooo sorry for my absence...:( I allowed the university to take over my life. For those of you who stayed and followed me on twitter (@Vany2ah) you must know what it was like! Crazy schedule, tons of assignments but the path to wisdom was not conquered in one day, so we must resist. Well done with school..booorinngggg...:P

Today I will show you something new. In the past I've usually told you about my own experience with fashion and style, however today I shall present you SOMEONE...soooo excited :D She is a friend of mine; Yuhlop! She makes make-up tutorials and posts these on internet. You'll say well everyone does that, well yes and NO. I do not know any other girl that makes this so easy. Really! I swear! Well owke, I'll grand you this; She speaks Spanish, but even if you mute her you can perfectly well understand and apply the make up like Yuhklop tells you too! If not, complaints are on my behalf ;) 

Have a look, or like she would say; Hola Chicas, como estan! (Google my friends...GOOOGLEEE!!!)

If you like her vids, this is the link to her channel:

She's also on twitter so follow me first...LOL and search her in my followers. Don't be shy join us!

So like I always say....Para ser bella hay que ver estrellas!

Stay pending, 'cause I'll be updating as much as possible even if I have to do this while I'm commuting from Rotterdam to Tilburg by train! Thanks once again for the loyalty and for the newbies: Welcome, have a seat! Enjoy the ride and truly  

Hasta la vista babes!

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