Friday, August 5

Do not Facebook!

Yes that was the request of those below. Still, you'd say, why put them on your blog. It's still viral and people (even strangers) will see them. Well in my defense, I like the pic and those on it and I don't pretend to be the new Picasso of this century but I really like the pic. Sepia is a  great setting and so is the excruciating sun of Curacao!

Lica & Yuca
On the left we have Licaya, which is the rebel of the pair. In reality she has black hair with pinkish details on the bottom and a couple of interesting tats. Yes that is not the only one she's got....Ask her, if you ever see her! But hey, girl's got awesome style. I consider Licaya to be one of those girls who can throw on a sheet and head out and look awesomelly great. Just plain AWESOME. However she won't ever do that cuz Licaya's got her thing going on. Won't ever wear a girly girl glam ensemble like me, 'cause she does rebel chic. And I'm not talking some shitty mesh  leggings. I'm talking all black nice outfit with a fun but edgy twist. Yes she's edgy, eccentric chic....If you ever land in Punda and you need to know where to go for awesome pieces of clothing or awesome ANYthing...hit her up, she has a build in compass of where to find nice little edgy stuff. It doesn't matter the occasion. She is the one saying why flat ironed hair is not necessary and why bold and beautiful make up is a must. But I'm not talking GAGA here... 

And on the right we got Miss Marugia aka Licaya might call her. She is all things classy and sassy. In the years of knowing Yuca I've seen why women musn't complain of age. As you might note she is not my age nor Licaya's age, but man can she make you forget time exists. 'Cause Yuca is just that, timeless. Every and anything she touches is that timeless. She evokes class which is why I like her style. No dissing Lica here, but Yuca is a more Vany2ah person...boy does this sound funny :P Yuca has exceptional simply but classy taste. 

And how come life has thrown these two together, well that's a great story in need of another picture...saved for later. Gotta run dolls!

Hasta la vista, babes!

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