Wednesday, August 17

What friends say

You may have noticed some sort of abandoning of the blog....well NOT happening. I just had to catch a flight and become the humble girl in the big city again. Back at home or the place I'm supposed to be living in I have reconnected with the hectic life typical of a big city...rush rush time no time...and rush some more...

While waiting my turn and rushing I had the most stupid thing happen to me. It might even be e revelation. My cousin Sophia casually but uber enthusiastically happens to mention she got Minnetonka's for like the price of a dime. me reply, 'What are Minnetonka's????' OMG!!! NO! I, the one with the blog did not know what MINNETONKA's are. I bet even you know so if you're in Utrecht move that ass to the city...don't know where, don't know how....just make it happen and grab yourself a pair. I recently got Ugg's and am in nooooo position whatsoever of shopping so go ahead and drool with me;

Now don't go crying if you're in the USA or anywhere but Utrecht. 'Cause I have wonderful friends. So I just landed and I had but HAD to go visit the shops...And who did I find? Girl Emery, says she was needing me. Boy you'll be happy she found me! She needed to know where to find this fabulous lipcolor I was wearing a few months ago, said she needed it Rihanna-red. Well the answer was; Sephora, where they have these wonderful lip stains that won't budge not even for the rain or the sun. So it's weatherproof and season-less.

So there you have it, round up of this week. Either you grab those Minnetonka's in Utrecht or you visit Sephora and you grab yourself a cream lip stain!

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