Wednesday, December 21

Killer shoes

You know those shoes you all must own, that are so nice...They make your legs look longer and leaner. You look tall erect and yes the make you seem 150% sexier than in your wildest dreams? BUT....

The only problem with your ow so nice shoes is that they KILL your feet even if they are your size, expensive as hell and treated to sooth the pain? Oh yes, I bet we all have them hidden in our closet waiting for the opportunity to kill our feet, right? I know I have them....and that's why my sister and I call them the Killer Shoes.

Killer Shoes give a killer view while they slowly stop the blood flow to your toes or leave you with blisters. But you never give up, maybe it stretches right? Maybe if you wear them for only 1 hour they won't kill right? Maybe if you don't walk or dance or breathe might work, right? No it does NOT :(  believe me...they will kill, they are serial killers. But I must still say...each and every time I spot a Killer Shoe I want them, I forget all the stated above...poor foolish me...

I mean take a look at these beauties....don't they look exotic and Amazonian and sexy and all that I want to think they will make me? :P

I mean I have not tried these...but I seriously doubt that after 4 hours I will still be in heaven, but you never know Aldo might surprise you and me...we never head quick...they also have SALE...I know it's the Holidays rush, but now tell me. Don't you just love these babies? Aren't they sexy??? I.Just.Want.Them. Presents are soooo welcome over here!


  1. Hey Nessa,

    I have a new term for certain shoes. There are shoes that whenever you wear them, they get you into trouble, thus trouble shoes!! It's because they're too sexy. Killer and trouble shoes!!


  2. Hahahaha So you know it gets you into trouble, but still you wear them? That's a new one! We will certainly be on the lookout for trouble shoes!

  3. I wear them especially when I want to get into trouble or I'm looking for trouble!!