Monday, December 12

DIY fur boots

I know I should not follow all trends and its December...mother of all months to derange your budget like crazy :P AND my are welcome LOL...back to the the point!

As I've said before I'm a really girly girly girl. Ribbons, pink, fluffy puffy yup! That's me....And I've been dying for new shoes...(I'm not a shoe addict!) I want a cute little boot with those furry...uh..fur on it like this one from Rocket Dog;
Aint it cute????? Well let's all stop drooling 'cause I found the perfect solution. I bet you have a classic ankle boot left over from last year or the year before right? I know I do! So what do we do to make it new? I'll tell you, we go to Cafe Moda and make yourself happy in the accesoires section. These babies can make any outdated boots look like this season in a blink, and besides its soooo inexpensive! Might as well buy all colors, if only they were available!

So check them out! And tell me if you would do it or not, I'll sure give it a try....:)



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