Saturday, June 11

Insanity in women...

I, Vany2ah, have seen the trend come....hit the peak become a huuugggeeee rage...from seeing them everywhere...magazines, stores, name it they've had it.....I even think it has started to fade....I'm talking of clogs or so-called mules..

According to wikipedia these shoes where used in the past by workers as protection for the feet:P They were mostly made out of wood and were associated with the Netherlands and Belgium. People I'm talking KLOMPEN...yes these were the forefathers of my beloved piece of artwork today!

As some of you might know, and most of you don't I sworn to never ever give in to this trend no matter how powerful or sexy, I have sworn to it. But today I must announce that I have found the most awesome clog ever! An open-toed clog...that went from 21, to 9 to 7 yes SEVEN euro's a pair...I am rather happy to find cheap finds but furthermore I was instantly sold and had to have these damn shoes....see below for yourselves the reason why...

Vany2ah's modern klompen A.K.A. clogs (or mules) :P

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