Thursday, September 22


I've always had a love for hats, they frame my cute apple-like face. And yes, they cover for bad hair days, but are not suitable for the winds of Rotterdam, and YES, people stare when you have one on. Especially if its a men's lookalike hat that's on your head LOL (yes, I'll try not playing with your mind with my vocabulary).

So since I'm a hats girl I had to post this pic I found online.I am not a fan (I'm not 19 anymore you know!) but she has fashion sense ;)

Thus enjoy and delve in the depths of a glass wine, for your clothes and make up that is!

selena gomez

Hasta la vista, babes.


  1. We are definetely hat girls, but we can do it with our cute faces! Please post more info about workclothes!!!

  2. I was debating if I could do more about work attire or not! So thanks for the insight! Will make sure to feature more cute stuff!